Trivento 2013 “Amado Sur” Torrontés blend

80% Torrontés, 10% Viognier, 10% Chardonnay; 13,5% ABV
Mendoza, Argentina
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 17 June

TriventoAmadoSur_2013_TorrontesBlendThis wine, with its delicate yellow – green color, interesting blend, and low price, was an immediate buy for me.  I didn’t like it as much as I had expected to, but it is an interesting, complex wine.

The nose of less ripe peach, melon, green apple and jasmine / honeysuckle is immediately appealing.  On the palate, the wine tastes of a little bit of yellow apple / melon before becoming dominated by less ripe green and white melon, white peach, and green apple with a little tropical fruit (golden kiwi (yellow) / soursop (white)), finishing with a thicker minerality.  There is a moderate amount of bitterness of melon rind / grapeskin, and the acid is quite crisp.  The texture is slightly fleshy, typical of Torrontés.

The next day, the flavors were much better integrated, but the fleshiness, minerality and assertive complexity had all declined.  It was pretty good both days, though.  It would be good with lighter seafood dishes such as white fish, crab, shellfish.

I found this very interesting wine, but not an easy wine to love, so for me only Drinkable.  For those of you particularly enamored with the more acid European wine styles, this is probably a Thumbs Up.


One thought on “Trivento 2013 “Amado Sur” Torrontés blend

  1. Zoel

    Another solid review – and mirrors my experience with many torrentes. Tough varietal to optimize balance of fruit/acid/spice, but almost always interesting. The search continues…


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