Chateau La Sauvageonne 2014 rosé

50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 20% Syrah; rubber-sealed glass stopper; 13% ABV
Coteaux de Languedoc, France
from Gerard Bertrand
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 24 June

Bertrand_2014_ChLaSauvageonneRoseI immediately got a bottle of this wine, with its lovely presentation and southern French origin.  IMO, this is what rosé’s about.

Its delicate nose is equal parts cantaloupe, tangerine, pink peach.  It has delicate flavors of these on the palate, with some red cherry and tart redcurrant acid, slight lavender, and perhaps a little yellow apple.  Despite the delicate flavors, the mouthfeel is thicker, with a minerally character.  This is a little more expensive for a GO rosé, but IMO worth the price.  Still, I would guess from the slight aggressiveness to the acid that it’s not one to keep around, so drink up.

The notes from the link above are, “The bouquet offers up intense aromas of red fruit, blackcurrant and redcurrant as well as floral elements (violet and rose) and citrus notes (grapefruit). This wine has a delicate oaked dimension, developing into vanilla and gingerbread notes. Fresh, rich and unctuous on the palate.”  It didn’t occur to me, but I second the “vanilla and gingerbread notes”.

On the second day, the wine was at least as good, with the fruit more forward and integrated, showing a juicy pink grapefruit and yellow apple more prominently.  As it warmed, it was more sweet than on the first night.

Apparently from the label, the translation of “La Sauvageonne” is “wild woman,” but I’m guessing that “wild” means less “unhibited / crazy” and more “living in nature, outside civilization” in a Rousseau-esque sort of way.  (The left side of the label features an embossed naked woman with long hair and a horse.)


10 thoughts on “Chateau La Sauvageonne 2014 rosé

  1. seedboy

    I bought a stash of this wine early summer and promptly lost track of it, only to find it a few days ago. Drinking beautifully right now. Sure would be good with turkey.

    1. seedboy

      Yesterday Oakland told me more was on the way. Meanwhile, the Grenache rose and the wine BW reviewed yesterday are both there and are solid wines.

  2. DavidLikesWine

    Just called Joe at Palo Alto. They got 14 cases of this in yesterday! It’s not on the shelves yet, so you’ll need to ask for it if you go today. Should be on the floor tomorrow.

  3. seedboy

    The Oakland store also got a bunch of Merlot from this same label. When this label appears at the GO there are usually a number of different wines, hoping for more Rhonish wines.

  4. seedboy

    Oakland had some of this yesterday. Also from Bertrand, a 2014 Grenache Rose. I was given a sample but I think this wine is $4.99. It does not have the fancy package. It is delicious, with nice strawberry and maybe a bit of pink grapefruit and sufficient acidity, pretty dry. Now seems to be the time to stock up for summer.

  5. seedboy

    I did some sleuthing on this wine. The retail on it is north of $20. This site has volcanic rocks and is transitioning to biodynamic. It was recommended by the WSJ May 2015 as a good summer rose. Wine Spectator 90.

    1. GOwinelover

      The label is legit and I’ve had a lot of their roses through BevMo. Not surprised this one is a hit.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      At the Richmond store, we initially got only three cases (supposed to get four). However, there was still more to order this morning so (1) it’s likely at other SF Bay Area stores and (2) if we sell out Tuesday, there will be more Wednesday.


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