Pata Negra 2013 Verdejo

Rueda DO, Spain; 12.5% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 4 July

PataNegra_2013_VerdejoI initially wanted to order this wine after having liked the Pata Negra 2005 Gran Reserva (Valdepeñas DO).  When it showed up, I thought its darker yellow color did not bode well.  However, after Seedboy wrote of it, “Delicious, full bodied, balanced white wine,” I got one to try.  In this case, I disagree with him.

I found the wine damaged by oxidation.  It tasted of over-ripe yellow apple / pineapple, with sort of sherry-like aftertaste.  I agree with “full-bodied,” but I think it’s not very well balanced.  The next day, it was still pretty much the same, so, whatever may have happened to it, it’s not on a fast downward slope.

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