Collavini 2013 Ribolla Gialla

Delle Venezie IGT, Italy; 12.5% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on about 15 Aug

Collavini_2013_RibollaGiallaThe grape varietal Ribolla Gialla sounded only vaguely familiar.  It turned out this site had only one RG review, and dluber wrote it.  This wine is interesting, and IMO very good for the price.

The wine’s color is of less intense golden yellow.  The nose of riper yellow and white fruit is immediately enticing.  On the palate, the wine gives medium-intensity flavors of yellow pear / melon, ripe (maybe slightly caramelized) yellow apple, white pear, green grape skin (with attendant slight bitterness), slight almondy nuttiness, supporting wood, and moderately crisp acid..  The taste has nice delineation and complexity for the low price.  While the wine does show its age a little, it is not at all over the hill, and makes for nice current drinking.

The next day, the wine has a more woody, getting-close-to-oxidized flavor, but the other flavors are still there, and the wine is still tasty and pleasant.


5 thoughts on “Collavini 2013 Ribolla Gialla

  1. seedboy

    Some of the stores have a Carlin de Paolo Arneis 2013 for $3.99 or $4.99. This is the primary white grape of Piemonte, and this example is delicious if you like a crisp but distinctive white wine. A mess of bottles of this wine broke in the Oakland store one day and the scent was lovely.

  2. Zoel

    Agreed with both reviews…served blind to a knowledgeable crowd, and all were thumbs up, although no one guessed the grape. Balanced and nice as appertif.

  3. seedboy

    This north eastern Italian variety is sort of scarce even there (a small amount is grown in California, I know of no one who bottles it as a single variety) so it is not surprising there is only one other review. I love this variety and this wine. I also like the Friulano from the same maker.


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