“El Vinculo” 2009 Crianza

from Alejandro Fernández; La Mancha DO, Spain
100% Tempranillo; 14.5% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 2 Sept

elvinculo_2009_crianzaThis wine looked pretty interesting, but my bottle was quite disappointing.  Although with some air, it tasted of softer, tasty ripe fruit of black raspberry / darker red cherry and purple grape, it was marred by a sort of earthy / rubbery funk, especially on the finish.  It has been a while since I’ve had a corked wine, but this matches my recollections of a badly corked wine.  A customer returned a bottle, and wanted me to taste it to see what I thought.  It tasted just like my (likely) corked bottle.  However, G.L.Pease had a bottle that he said was not corked, but was unexciting wine.  Given the higher risks-to-reward on this one, I’m going with Thumbs Down.


3 thoughts on ““El Vinculo” 2009 Crianza

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    G.L.Pease says he’s opened two bottles of this wine, and found nothing particularly wrong with them, although he was not especially fond of them, either. Another customer praised the wine to me highly, saying he had bought a case, so it seems like bad bottles are not too prevalent in this wine. I got another bottle and will update this post after I open it.

  2. Seedboy

    I have not tried this but a friend knowledgable about wine likes this one a lot, reporting good fruit. I suspect that GLPease’s bottle might have been slightly tainted, at a level where you don’t taste the taint but it just mutes flavor.

  3. Alan Lemery

    The rubbery nose and taste usually relates to a flaw called “reduction.” It relates to sulfur in the vino and, in some years ago, dropping (a well-rinsed) penny in the glass would help mellow it out. Copper binds somehow to the free sulfur but new pennies contain very little sulfur.

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