Chateau Val Joanis 2015 “Tradition” rosé

Luberon AOP, (southern) France; 13% ABV; screw cap
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 23 Sept

valjoanis_2015_roseThis wine’s pale pink color looked lovely, it is from southern France, and it is the current vintage of rosé.  It is indeed very good for the price.

The wine is at first a little closed, but opens quickly to flavors of pink grapefruit / less ripe strawberry or maybe raspberry, lavender, maybe a little yellow fruit, with a slight thickness to the body.

A couple days later, the rest left in the bottle was still fresh and delicious.


One thought on “Chateau Val Joanis 2015 “Tradition” rosé

  1. Seedboy

    This morning I went to the San Pablo store, which is something of a museum of GO wines past. It does however have many cases of this wine on the floor.


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