Tridente 2013 Tempranillo

from Spain; likely about 15% ABV (have unfortunately already recycled the bottle)
imported by AW Direct
$7 at the Oakland, CA, store probably late August or early September

tridente_2013_tempranilloLike three other Spanish wines imported by AW Direct that showed up recently, this wine was made in a very American style, but was quite good for the money.

On the night, the wine was still a bit rough and closed even after having been decanted for 2 hours.  It was quite tasty, showing ripe, dark purple / black boysenberry / blackberry fruit with black earth and a tannic finish.  It was quite impressive, but my guess was that it should have been aged for at least a few years, although I bet Expat would love it as is.  🙂

A few days later, the saved single-glass, screwcap bottle still needed an hour in the glass to show smooth boysenberry / black raspberry, complexities of strawberry jam and blueberry, with touches of roses and licorice, still with a slightly biting earthy tannic finish.  Overall, I thought this was an outstanding wine for the price that could be put down to age for a while.  By now, it’s almost certainly gone from Oakland, and I never saw it at Richmond.


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