Campo Marin 2015 “Selection” Grenache

Cariñena DO, Spain; 13% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 30 Sept

campomarin_2015_grenacheA few years ago, we had a Campo Marin Crianza that was quite good, and I wanted to see if this wine was also good for the price.  My answer is yes.

In contrast to a couple other good Spanish Grenaches (or Garnachas or Garnatxas) we’ve had lately (Altés, Proyecto), this wine is made in a more international style.  The wine is pretty good soon after opening, and was fully aired after about 50 minutes in a decanter, although it kept developing well after that.  The medium-weight wine shows tangy, smooth, and delicately complex flavors of raspberry, darker red cherry, maybe blueberry, some bitterness of pit / stem, and wood / earth, with nicely balanced acid.  Even though it’s a 2015, it’s quite yummy now.  It’s not like many of the “Drink Now!” wines we get at the GO, but it’s not very substantially made, so don’t keep it that long, either.

Well, I wrote that yesterday, but today’s saved, single-glass, screwcap bottle was (1) still very tasty and (2) included more of the earthiness I associate with Spanish wine, but was otherwise quite similar.   So.. drink it now or over the next couple years.

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