Leone 2009 Nebbiolo

Columbia Valley, WA; 13.5%
$8 at the Richmond, CA, store on 29 Sept

leone_2009_nebbioloI’ve now consumed two bottles of this wine, and although I liked them both, they were a little different.

I thought the first bottle was considerably like a good CA Pinot Noir.  Although it lacked the strawberry / raspberry aspect of Pinot, it didn’t need much air to show a lot of the same darker red cherry, orange, and probably a little more of the usual earthy / woody aspect.  It went quite well with salmon. A day or two later, the saved, single-glass, screw-cap, bottle still needed a bit of air to come around, but was then much the same.  I quite liked it.

My second bottle was distinctly not Pinot Noir, showing darker tangy cherry, tending more toward plum, more cherry pit bitterness, and less orange.  Overall, I preferred the first bottle, especially since the saved screwcap bottle of this was rather dull and boring.

Did anyone out there try this?  What’d you think?

4 thoughts on “Leone 2009 Nebbiolo

  1. Expat

    I was optimistic but completely disappointed with this wine. My bottle was just super thin and had a slightly interesting orangey nose overwhelmed by a bunch of tartness. Maybe there is bottle variation but my experience was not good – I capped it and was going to return it but it’s still sitting on my counter.

  2. Seedboy

    I liked the one bottle I tasted. At the time I thought that it was consistent with the pinot thing. I must admit that I am interested in new world Nebbiolo and I should buy a couple more of these.

  3. glpease

    Mine was more like your second, and it left me decidedly unimpressed. I didn’t find anything really off-putting about it, but it was both not what I was expecting from your original description, nor what I would expect from a CV Nebbiolo. The fascinating floral character of the grape when grown in the right conditions were completely absent, as were the richer, deeper fruits and tannic structure. My bottle was a bit thin, definitely on the acidic side, and lacking body, though it did present some welcome complexity. For me, it wasn’t drain wash, but it wasn’t a buy-again, either, though if it had been more like your first bottle, I’d have probably picked up a few more.

    1. JoelA

      I agree with GLPease. My bottle was a bit thin, mainly tasting of cherry, a bit acidic but nothing to warrant buying another one. I have never found an American nebbiolo that I liked.


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