Windstorm 2015 Zinfandel

California; 14.7% ABV (IIRC)
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on about 5 October.  Gone now.

windstorm_2015_zinfandelThis wine as a bit funky (sweet rubber?) for a while after being decanted, but started settling down after about an hour or so.  Wine tastes nicely of dark cherry, black raspberry / blackberry, some allspice / maybe black pepper or licorice, and black earth, but has sweet, syrupy oak that is a little too strong for my taste.  This is likely just my apparent aversion to American Oak.  The fruit is ripe but has nicely balancing acid and finish of mild and smooth tannin.  The last bit of wine in my glass, nearly 4 hours after opening, was very smooth and elegantly complex.  Even if it’s not the style I personally favor, I have to admit this is excellent Zin for the price.  Seedboy earlier posted the link to this review of this wine, and his reaction to this wine is here.

The saved, single-glass, screw-cap bottle is also very good, tasting of rich and syrupy blackberry / mulberry / maybe blueberry / boysenberry / dark red raspberry, coffee, vanilla / American Oak.  Again, despite this not being “my style,” I give it a big Thumbs Up.

Update same day: Oakland store still has this wine.


9 thoughts on “Windstorm 2015 Zinfandel

  1. Steve S

    I read the review by SOIF and I agree 100% that this is a fantastic Zinfandel. Yesterday I went to the Paloma grocery outlet and bought the last 10 bottles on the shelf. For those of you still have it at your local grocery outlet I suggest you run down as quickly as possible and buy this for six bucks a bottle instead of paying $20 a bottle Elsewhere.

  2. GOwinelover

    Just opened a bottle yesterday and agree with the review. Not my style of Zin at all and get a lot of vanilla notes that detract from the fruit, IMHO. Not a repurchase for me but one of my favorite labels I’ve seen at GO.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I stopped by the Oakland store Tuesday and was also awed by the amount on display.

  3. Seedboy

    This wine is back at the Oakland store for 5.99. Store also has two Lodi Zins from the same folks somewhere up in Sonoma County both 3.99

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Seedboy. About those Lodi Zins, as the alcohol percentage is the same for both wines, and the colors look exactly the same through the bottles, I suspect they are the same wine with different labels, and I am curious to see which one sells better. 🙂 If anyone does the side-by-side tasting experiment, please let us know.

      About the Windstorm, when I reviewed it above, I thought it was a bit young. I wonder if it’s more integrated by now.


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