Thomas Halby 2010 Zinfandel

Sonoma County, CA; 13.0% ABV
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 Oct

thomashalby_2010_zinfandelOn the heels of a couple other good Zinfandels recently, I was hopeful that this would also be good.  However, I found it a rather weak effort.

The wine initially showed only rather tart, light red fruit.  After about 90 minutes, the tightness of the wine relaxed a bit, with the fruit becoming more accessible and less acid, but overall not improving that much.  After over two hours in a decanter or glass, the wine still tasted of fairly light and simple fruit of tangy dark cherry, and some black and red raspberry, a little raisin, and acid that I still found unpleasantly sharp and possessing at moments hints of being too old,

The next day, the saved, single-glass. screw-cap bottle was better — softer and sweeter and more pleasant — but not significantly different.  Try it if you want, but I’d generally recommend against it for this price.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Halby 2010 Zinfandel

  1. seedboy

    Has anyone had a Halby wine they like? There is a Meritage right now that is an oaky mess. Halby is also responsible for a Chianti Classico that I reviewed elsewhere on this blog, that is straight up vinegar.


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