Woodwork 2013 Chardonnay

Central Coast, CA; 13% ABV
wood: French White Oak
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 19 October

woodwork_2013_chardonnayI wanted to try this wine after liking the Woodwork red blend several months ago, which I thought I had reviewed, but I apparently didn’t.  Anyway, I thought that red blend — which could have been called a Meritage by composition, but the producers probably didn’t want to pay to use the trademarked name — was on the lighter side, but nicely complex, and featured quite tasty wood.  IMO, this Chardonnay is better!

The wine shows juicy, ripe, Central Coast fruit of typical Chardonnay yellow apple and lemon, with some green apple, and nice, slightly buttery oak.  I found the fruit, acid, and wood all in nice balance and delicious, going down way too easily.  The body is perhaps a little light, but it’s heavy enough for the low price and wine has a lot of flavor.

The next day, the last glass in the bottle was regrettably not as good, becoming more simple and acid, and the wood becoming less well integrated and more blunt.  However, as it warms from fridge temp and the fruit becomes more prominent, the wine becomes palatable, still pretty tasty, even.  Overall, I think this wine is a very good value, especially if you’ll consume it in one evening.  But even if not, it’s amazingly good on the first day and not bad on the second.


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