Fall 2016 Wine Sale

This year, Grocery Outlet’s fall wine sale, with 20% off all wine, will run Wednesday, November 2nd through Tuesday, November 8th.  Please use comments on this post to say what you’re hoping to stock up on, ask others where there might be more of your favorite wines, report which new wines are showing up where and impressions of any you’ve tasted, and confess how much you’ve scored and how much you may have left behind.  🙂  Happy hunting and cheers!

Update: Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this year on Sunday, November 6.

48 thoughts on “Fall 2016 Wine Sale

  1. delmartian1

    This year I tried at least a dozen wines (still working on some of them). Typically I’m looking for older Bordeaux so none of the slew of young Bordeauxs were of interest. In the end, here’s what I went back for multiples of: 2010 47 Friends Pinot Noir, 2005 Castiglioni Chianti, 2004 D’Aquino Amarone della Valpolicella, and 2013 Pata Negra Verdejo (white).

  2. flitcraft

    Being out of town, I didn’t get to the sale till yesterday. I hit the Lake City, Kenmore, and SODO GO’s on the way to work, and Crown Hill on the way home. SODO had by far the best selection, so if you are in the metro Seattle area and you want to make a final 20% off run, that’s the one I’d pick.
    I can’t vouch for any of these, but here are some that have been commented on here and were at the SODO store yesterday, in good supply. Prices, when I remembered to jot them down, are pre-discount.

    Drouet Freres Sauvignon Blanc “Privilege”
    Davis Bynum Pinot Noir RRV, 2014 17.99
    Alexandre Sirich “Les Deux Terroirs” Merlot/Syrah French blend
    Cuvaison 2012 Carneros Chardonnay 8.99
    Cuvee Darius Fitou 2013, Rhone blend
    Garnet Pinot Noir 2010, 8.99
    Austin Hope Paso Robles Syrah 2010 19.99
    Feudi dei Tari Rosato 2015, 5.99
    Lo Nuevo L’Opaco 5.99, also a Monastrell-Syrah blend for the same price (the L’Opaco was well like when it appeared a year or so ago)
    Woodbridge Portacinco port-style wine, 2001 (pretty good for a domestic ‘port’, made with Portuguese grape varieties and aged largely in bottle; must be decanted like a vintage Port).

    Not present at SODO but available at Lake City:
    Gypsy Boots Pinot Noir, 12.99 (not one of those ethereal, complex Pinots, but a much brawnier wine, that to me tasted like it might have had a bit of Syrah blended in)
    Passo Cale Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 13.99 (this is a very good and varietally typical Montepulciano, worth the tariff on sale).

  3. Opie

    I just made it in on Fri, only tried two so far. Would have to dig the zin I tried out of the recycle now but it was not great……tonight tough, a fabulous red blend, named Ol’ Red. Cellar selection from Hopland , CA. Quite enjoying it so I popped on the net to see when the sale ends bc I will be buying a case!
    Everett, Wa Gross Out

  4. Al

    Anyone seen or tried the 2012 Portalupi Pinot Noir? It sold for over $30 originally, with the 20% off sale the price is about $16.00. This vineyard has a a great reputation and the wine gets 88-90 points from tastings.

  5. BargainWhine Post author

    I’m not one to stock up much during wine sales, since I generally prefer to taste the new, interesting-looking wines that come in. However, if I were going to, here are some wines I’d like to get more of (but I won’t be), and still seem to be in my area:

    Campo Marin Grenache
    Herencia Altes Garnatxa Negra (Grenache, in a style more Spanish than the Campo Marin)
    Feudo dei Tari Rosato
    Cuvee Darius Fitou
    Viña Barroca 2014 Mencia
    2013 Impuls 71 Syrah – Cabernet
    Amy Merlot, I reviewed 2014 but 2013 also around

    1. michael

      All of these except Feudo dei Tari are in pretty good stock at 4th ave in Seattle. I bought a case of the Mencia and the Fitou. Still a lot of wine there.

    1. seedboy

      If you are at Oakland and you do not see a wine you want, ask one of the wine guys, they might have it stashed in the back. Stemmler, for instance.

      1. JoelA

        I live just up the hill from the Richmond store but I went to Oakland to see whether they had any wines that were not at Richmond. I didn’t see any on the floor.

  6. rgardner2

    Decent buys at the Tacoma 6th Ave and 56th St stores Wed. The 5.0-scale numbers after the wines are from Vivino. Prices are pre-sale and rounded up a penny (so $5.99 is $6). Every Bordeaux I checked had iffy ratings (as expected)

    Coelho Willamette PN $ $9 3.6
    Cuvaision Carneros PN 4.0 $12/~40
    Cuvaision Carneros Chard $8/23 3.8
    Bolla Veronese Rosso $4/15 3.8 [good rating for $4, lots]
    Mare di Vero Puglia $7/15 3.8
    Maison d’Orsay Chard 3.9 7/21
    Pedistal CS $6/15 4.1
    Santa Gloria reserve Carminere $5/13 4.0
    Elena Marsanne 5/17 [rare to see a Marsanne]
    Juxtaposition Red North coast 6/16 3.9 fruit bomb
    Hayes Ranch Zin 6/12 3.9
    Windstorm OV Zinfandel $7
    Showcase Rhone PasoRobles 7/16 4.1
    Pop Crush whites (Precept) PG and white blend $3 (cooking)
    Spiral Wine Riesling 7/22

    W Oly:
    44 Acres Lodi Zinfandel 5/15
    Scatena Bros Sonoma zin (no UPC) 9/35
    M&L Riesling WA (no UPC) 5/12
    Mercer Canyon Red 6/14
    Silverlake Ice Wine 5/19
    Willow Crest Merlot 7

    Wines that looked good, but have bad ratings:
    Sequoia Jackrabbit red 2.7
    Georges Duboeuf Macon- Chard 3.2
    Signal Mtn Zin 3.3
    Flour (sp) Malbec 3.2
    Gray Mont Meritage 3.4
    Geyser Peak Clairsville Stn Merlot 3.1
    Sunstar Merlot 3.0
    P58 Pinot Gris 2.8

    1. lim13

      Had high hopes for the Elena Marsanne…tried it tonight…totally worthless.
      Seems some liked the Windstorm Zin…I didn’t. Too much “cooked”, overripe fruit for me.
      M&L Riesling…kind of liked it…on the dry side, but full of nice fruit. Need to try it chilled with Dungeness crab.
      Bought 10 single bottles of GO sale wines (first purchase in nearly two months)…so far, only mildly enjoyed 2…the M&L and a 2014 Long Barn CA Pinot. One bottle left to try…Asylum Zin. My search began with whites (ABC) for the cellar (only thing I’m low on); results have not been good. BTW, the new proprietors of the Bremerton GO currently have an infinitely better selection than the new Silverdale GO folks. That’s a switch from the previous store selections. Most likely I’ll bolster my white wines for the cellar from other wine retailers in the area…with wines I’ve had and I know I enjoy.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Lim13! Thanks for visiting and weighing in on the GO wines you’re trying, although sorry to hear you haven’t found much you like. I saw one bottle of the Elena Marsanne in someone else’s basket at the Oakland, CA, store and was dragged away by family before I could hunt for another (fortunately, I guess). It sounds like few of the wines we’re excited about down here are in your neighborhood.

        1. flitcraft

          If you happen to be visiting Seattle, I’d recommend stopping by the SODO, 4th Avenue GO to check out wines. They have a new wine guy, and he says he’s committed to having the best selection in the metro Seattle area. So far, he seems to be delivering–much expanded wine area and fewer of the Indigo Eyes level stuff. Crown Hill is going, if you pardon the pun, downhill in selection, as is Kenmore. Lake City is on the upswing, but without the variety in the higher end stuff found at SODO.

  7. BargainWhine Post author

    Here’s a case I purchased for a friend, prices pre-discount:
    2 Diablita Zinfandel, $7
    2 Forty-Seven Friends Pinot Noir, $7
    2 Silver Veil 2013 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, $9, quite good, could use a few years
    2 Juxtapoz red blend $5
    1 Campo Marin Grenache $5
    1 Count Karolyi Gruner Veltliner $5
    1 Drouet Freres Sauvignon Blanc “Privilege” $6
    1 Feudo dei Tari Rose $5

    These I got for myself:
    3 Stemmler Pinot Noir $13
    2 Forty-Seven Friends Pinot Noir
    1 Silver Veil Cabernet
    1 Silver Veil Zinfandel Russian River Valley, seems good at first pour, review soon $7
    1 Sunce Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley, looks good

    All were at the Richmond store today.

  8. Doug Green

    I just staked out the nearest GO in Northern San Diego this afternoon, and here’s what I deemed to be the most promising choices based upon known producers, appellations, and varietals (I bought one of each, and I’ll update this as I open them):

    Santa Alicia Pinot Noir Reserva 2012 Chile, Bio Bio valley – $2.99 pre 20% discount:

    Mosaic Zinfandel – Runway Vyd, Dry Creek Vallley 2014 – $9.99 pre 20% discount

    Vista de Regua – Carater, Duoro DOC Portugal – Estate Bottled 2013 $4.99 pre 20% discount

    Red Splash 2011 (St Francis Winery) California Red Blend $3.99 pre 20% discount

    Impuls 71 (71% Syrah, 29% Cab Sauvignon) Columbia Valley 2013 $7.99 pre 20% discount

    Carrington Family Estate Syrah 2012 Mendocino County $5.99 pre 20% discount

    Bonny Doon Mourvedre 2013 Contra Costa Cty (Del Barba & Enea Vyds) $8.99 pre discount.

    The first bottle of these that I opened as soon as I got home was the ridiculously cheap Santa Alicia 2012 Pinot Noir Reserva from Chile. At $2.39 a bottle on sale, this wine is more than decent. Clearly identifiable as a light, floral, fruit-driven pinot noir, with no glaring flaws. This won’t make anyone think of a classed growth Burgundy, but it a very pleasant drinking wine, easily fair value at $7-10, and is a far superior to any bottle of $2 and half buck Chuck. I’ll be buying some more. I’ve also read some very promising tasting notes on the two next cheapest bottles I bought, the St Francis 2011 Red Splash blend, and the 2013 Vista de Regua estate bottled Duoro. In fact, the Duoro has several tasting notes in the 90+ pt range calling it out at it’s more typical $15-17 price as being fine value in that space. So, for $4, what could be bad?

    1. Doug Green

      I went back to my local GO for more of the Vista Regua, Duoro. but I was told that someone had bought out all 2.5 cases of it an hour earlier. I tried a couple of other local GO stores in northern San Diego to no avail for it, so I guess I’ll just hold onto the one bottle I got of it. I did find a few other interesting prospects in these other shops: A 2013 Cuvee Darius Fitou, which has a nice writeup in the WS and an 89 score there, so for a $6 pre-sale estate bottled GSM blend from the Languedoc, I figured it was worth a shot. Also grabbed a couple of Riojas for $9 each pre-sale price: A Bodegas Palacio 2007 crianza, and a Fincas de Landaluce 2007 crianza that might be interesting at just over $7 on sale. And there are a several Lodi and Mendocino Zins from 2012, 2013 and 2014 for $5-6 that appear promising. First one I grabbed was a 2013 Torn vineyards Old Vines zin. Still making my way through the dirt cheap Santa Alicia 2012 Chilean Pinot Noir that I mentioned in the prior post, and happy to say, it was still good on the 3rd day on a vacuum pump. Quite a pleasant surprise at $2.39 on sale.

      1. delmartian1

        Sounds like you may have been in the Escondido GO. FYI that the two 2007 Spanish wines you picked up were from 2 or 3 wine sales ago and have been on the shelf there upright for over a year. (Escondido’s stock turns over very slowly as compared to most other GOs in the area)However, having said that, they were both quite good at the time. There was still some Vista Regua in the San Marcos GO yesterday morning but no guarantee that its still there today.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          I’ve seen four Vista da Regua wines: the 2009 Vinas Velhas (sp?, means Old Vines) $8, the 2010 Reserva $7, the 2013 Carater $5, and the 2013 Vihno da Familia $4. I liked the Familia (full young ripe fruit with a tang of acid) and the Old Vines (richer, aged, more complex, lower acid than the others) best, thought the Carater was also pretty good (more tannic and elegant w/ tasty acid), and thought the Reserva was only so-so, fine but not as interesting as any of the others. Which are you finding?

        2. Doug Green

          Well, the Escondido store was one of the places I was at in my search for more of the Vista de Regua Carater – to no avail – it was not at the San Marcos store when I was there either. But Escondido was where I picked up those two 2007 Riojas. I got the original batch of wines in Poway, but I also found some interesting stuff at the National City location today. One wine I picked up there was the Seraphim 2015 Chilean Central Valley Pinot Noir ($5 pre-discount), which I bought because I enjoyed the Santa Alicia Chilean Pinot. I popped the The Seraphim this evening. It is good, but unlike the Santa Alicia, it is not identifiable as pinot noir, other than the label says so. If I were tasting this blind, I might say Cotes du Rhone, I might say Lodi or Amador Zinfandel, I might say Tempranillo, and I might say Argentine Malbec – but Pinot Noir would be one of the furthest things from my mind. In any case, it’s a very pleasant $4 red wine, with good concentration and finish, an attractive nose of red fruit and leather, but no pinot noir typicity.

          Other stuff I picked up today that looked interesting – but have not yet opened, in the National City store, were the Double J Ranch 2013 Carneros Pinot Noir ($8 pre-discount), the Santa Alicia 2008 Anke Blend 2 Maipo Valley (Carmenere, Petit Verdot, and Shiraz) for $9 pre-discount, and the Yalumba 2010 The Guardian Eden Valley Shiraz/Viognier for $7 pre-discount. The Yalumba in particular seems to be well regarded at more than double the price.

  9. seedboy

    I was at the Oakland store on Tuesday. They told me that another delivery of wine was being unloaded and that a lot more white wines would be on the shelves today.

  10. DavidLikesWine

    Did a pre-run at Palo Alto this morning, worth considering:

    About 5 more cases of the 2011 Tre Amici Barolo appeared, $19.99 / $39.99
    2012 Diablita Zinfadel, $6.99 / $19.99 – I’m a fan
    2012 Everett Ridge Estate Zin, Dry Creek Valley – $12.99 / $29.99 – took 3 days to really strut its stuff, but was also very very good
    The Macrae Petite Sirah and Sonoma Cab, skip the Chardonnay IMO ($9.99 and $19.99 respectively)
    2011 Willow Crest Estate Merlot, Yakima Valley, WA $7.99 / $19.99 – haven’t tried it yet, but online reviews look promising, only 12.5% ABV

    Joe also said he’s got two Pech Merle single vineyard zins coming in either today or tomorrow, should be in the $10ish dollar range.

    Nothing exciting, at least to me, in whites or sparkling.

    1. seedboy

      Everett Ridge was made by the same folks who made the Esterlina pinot. Unfortunately they lost the vineyards and winery and bottled wine in bankruptcy. Curious about the Pech Merle zins.

    2. RB

      I bought a handful of that Willow Crest Merlot ($6.99 pre-discount at the Olympia store). I like it quite a lot. It’s the only thing I had planned to stock up on during this sale.

    1. Doug Dean

      waiting for the stores to open Wednesday to get some treasures. Based on a suggestion from Darrell I checked out the Rocklin store. Lots of promising choices. Also shared the information about the sale with two customers in the store and told them about Vivino, which I use regularly. Right now I am considering some Riesling (got turned on by some great wines while visiting Germany), Syrah, Malbec, Primitivo and of course, Cab!

    1. Darrell

      I can vouch for the Rocklin store having a decent selection and I hear that the Riverside Blvd. store is fairly decent.

  11. Seedboy

    Oakland has new wines coming in including a Woodenhead RRV Chardonnay Buena Tierra Vyd 2013, $8.99 and 2013 Robert Stemmler Sonoma Coast pinot for something in the mid teens. Those of you who liked that organic prosecco with the green label will be pleased to see that there is a pallet of this wine on the floor.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I stopped by the Oakland store this afternoon. They also have a decent amount of the Nonno’s Rosso, although I confess I did not think to check the vintage. The Stemmler Pinot was out on the shelves at $13. I dimly recall disliking Stemmler Pinots as boringly sterile, but I could be remembering incorrectly, so I got one anyway. They had six more bottles of the lovely Red Lava 2009 Syrah, of which I got two.

    2. seedboy

      The Woodenhead Chardonnay has a lot of sulfur nose that takes an hour or more to blow off, but after that you get a full bodied RRV Chardonnay. I did not have enough of it left after the sulfur blew off to really evaluate it past that.
      Oakland store has many cases of 2013 Esterlina Anderson Valley Pinot for $17.99. This is a real, honestly made pinot. Medium body and color, well balanced with sufficient acidity.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        I was guessing that a 2013 “honestly made Pinot” would still be a little young. Did you think it would benefit from more age?

          1. seedboy

            I do think this wine benefited from a day of air (or was it one more day post shipping?). The fruit flavors became more pronounced, still backed by proper acidity. I really wish this wine was not $14 plus even with the discount, though.

    3. Darrell

      I liked the organic Ziobaffa Prosecco at the price of $4 a bottle and on the sale it will be $3.20. It was clean and fruity with low atm pressure, lower than most Proseccos. I bought it because of the string tie off of the cork which I extracted with a corkscrew. The wine had low body and in fact my wife described the body/alcohol level as being ” tasty water” and I did drink more than I would with Champagne or other sparklers.

      1. Darrell

        Bought some of this Prosecco in Oakland and the price sign called the wine “Frizzante” which was quite apt and neither the bottle nor box had this word. Whoever made the sign is on the ball in my opinion. Also bought a South African CS called Eighth Wonder from the Stellenbosch, I believe, and I didn’t get much of the Stellenbosch character and so I don’t recommend.

      2. Darrell

        For those of you who bought this Prosecco, which I saw others buying by the case load, there is a dilemma of opening the bottle since it isn’t finished with a typical Champagne cork. I first used a cork screw which was done with some difficulty and then I thought I would try a couple of Champagne cork pullers which didn’t work due to not fitting. Well, falling back on good ole Vise Grips worked just fine.

  12. seedboy

    I have so much wine at home I ought not buy much. Anyone have any thoughts about the Macrae Family Cab that is marked at $20 per bottle? I might buy a couple of bottles of the Chardonnay if it is still around. Otherwise unless I see something new I’ll probably focus on where to put the five cases of wine that are currently in my living room.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I thought that Cab seemed like a reasonable deal for $20, and more so at $16. However, it’s really not showing very well right now, and although it’s decently complex, I had a difficult time telling how much stuffing it has. It seemed to open more on the 4th day. Probably it should just be laid down for at least 5 years.

      1. DavidLikesWine

        My concern with the cab is that from the winemakers site it looks like they specifically gear their production process to make their red approachable young. I think this can really be seen in the softness of the Petite Sirah. My bottle of the cab was fantastic for about 30 minutes on the second day and then the structure just kind of fell apart so I’m having a hard time telling if it needs more time to come together and have some more structure emerge, or if the skew in winemaking style means it’s headed towards flabby-town.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          Hi David. Thanks for your research, online and “in person” with the wine. I’m not sure how to make a consistent picture with my experience, but I suspect our tasting regimens were a bit different. I mean, I tasted just a little, in brief periods over 4 days, and I’d guess you had the bottle open for longer periods over fewer days.

            1. BargainWhine Post author

              For the first three days, and some of the fourth, the wine didn’t taste like there was much there, but I always suspected it was just hiding what it had. However, the last bit in the bottle, on the fourth day, filled out and showed plenty of ripe and complex dark red Cabernet fruit. As it was, it was a bit fruity for me, but I thought it showed the potential was there to become an interesting wine with some age, although I’m not sure exactly what it would become.

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