Stemmler 2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Sonoma Coast AVA, CA; 14.5% ABV (I think)
$13 at the Oakland, CA, store on 29 Oct

stemmler_2013_pinotnoirOn first pour, and early on, I thought this wine was lovely, showing, lighter red cherry / strawberry / raspberry, orange, and tasty herbal complexity.  However, with more air, the fruit filled out into thicker and relatively simple darker red / black cherry with the other complexities much in the background.  It seemed to developed as much as it was going to on the first night after about 2:15 of air, but it was still a relatively coarse wine compared to what it had been on opening.  I suspect the delicateness and complexity is under there, but will need more age to be easily available.

The saved, single-glass, screw-cap bottle was really quite lovely, showing elegant flavors of black cherry, strawberry jam, dark red raspberry, orange, complexity in the cocoa / coffee / cola area, and dried herbs.  The wine will probably be more accessible in another year or two, but it seems like a good deal in Pinot, especially at the sale price.  It will probably be gone before the sale ends, anyway.


12 thoughts on “Stemmler 2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

  1. JoelA

    We opened a bottle the other night and drank it over the next day. It has a fine nose with more complexity than BW mentioned during both first and second days. It’s young and i agree that it could develop further over then next 2-3 years. And last time I looked there still was some at Richmond.

    1. Darrell

      Joel, since I didn’t get any of this during the sale and since you have sampled the Bailiwick Pinots, how does this Stemmler compare to some of the Bailiwick PN, both absolutely and QPRwise? There was some of the Stemmler PN at the SF GO, btw.

      1. Seedboy

        Personally I think that the Sonoma Coast and Londer Bailiwicks are better wines than the Stemmler, without regard to price.

        1. Darrell

          Thanks SB and Joel. Joel, I guess you have heard other’s opinions about the 2012 Marin vs Sonoma Coast and I must agree with them but by a slim margin of difference.

          1. Seedboy

            A new report. I have now tasted 3 of the Tilla pinots, Tina Marie 2012 and 2014 and a 2010 Silver something or another. These wines are all flabby low acid wines. I have also tried the Cairdean Fume Blanc which is made in the same style: over ripe, not enough acid. I was given a bottle of the Cab and I hope it is better.

          2. JoelA

            Have now been drinking the 2012 Bailiwick Sonoma Coast PN and agree that at this time it’s better than the Stemmler. It has a nice combination of fruit and earthiness but also too much alcohol in the finish. But its price is half that of the Stemmler. With time the Stemmler might be better.
            And speaking of the Stemmler, I remember a visit to their winery in Napa Valley when they were a pretty new winery. Now I see that this wine was made in Santa Rosa, so assume that the Stemmlers are no longer involved and that the “brand” had been sold to a larger operation.

            Is thts correct?

            1. seedboy

              I thought I had posted this earlier but no. The Robert Stemmler Winery was originally located in the Dry Creek AVA of Sonoma County, on either Lambert Bridge Road or Dry Creek Road. The pinot grapes were from the Russian River Valley. When he retired he sold the label to the owners of Buena Vista (Donum Estate).

  2. seedboy

    If you go to the Oakland store to buy this wine you need to find one of the wine people, as it is all stored in the back room.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      There was a customer at Richmond yesterday who said Oakland was sold out of this wine. The way it was going at Richmond, I won’t be surprised if it’s completely gone when I get in to work later this morning.


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