2012 Castillo Marín

Cariñena, Spain; 13.5% ABV
Purchased for $5.99 at Palo Alto on 1/20/2017

img_9919-1This wine is a 50-50 blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha from a winery about which I sadly couldn’t find much information. Perhaps my bottle needed a few more days to rest after transport, or perhaps the wine is just still really young, but there are some promising components here that, if they come together, might make this a winner down the road.

The real standout on night 1 was the nose. Black cherry, raspberry, some herbal (as in thyme and rosemary) aspects as well as this almost dark violets floral note that was just fantastic. On the palate though, the wine was really muted, bordering on unpleasant. A bit of raspberry liqueur and some saline acidity, giving way to some tart cherry, cork, and a slightly bitter finish. I gave the wine about 2 hours in the glass, trying it at 30 minute intervals. As time progressed it improved, but only slightly. The nose, however, remained fantastic, even intensifying as the evening went on.

Day 2 was another story. The wine needed about 45 minutes to an hour in the glass, but once it finally opened up, it was wonderful. Blackberries, some subtle vanilla and spice oak notes (from what to me tasted like very nice barrels), more of those mediterranean herbs, all in a wine that was rich, but not too heavy or overdone. The nose, sadly, had simplified. It was still pleasant, but lacked the complexity of the night before.

If everything comes together, this could be really good. At this point though, I’m going to rate this as drinkable, bordering on thumbs up. If you’ve got space to lay a few down, at $5.99 / bottle it might be worth the experiment.


9 thoughts on “2012 Castillo Marín

  1. Doug Green

    I finally got around to opening one of my bottles of the 2012 Castillo Marin Tempranillo/Garnacha blend. It was less dark and weighty, and more aromatic than I expected. Definitely a nice food wine with a zippy acidity, and great berry fruit from the Garnacha, and some nice complexity in the nose. If it’s still around when the next 20% sale comes by, I’ll pick up a few more of these at under $5. For now, there’s just too many interesting and cheap new arrivals I’ve got to get through before the April 20% sale comes around. Definitely need to get to some of the interesting Saint Alicia wines (Anke and Mellantu) as well as the Nieto Sentineter Bonarda, and the Hardy’s Oomoo Shiraz before that sale so I know what to stock up on. I also found another interesting Chilean Cab at one of my San Diego shops, a Cousino Macul 2011 Antiguas Reservas that was the only bottle of it’s type on the shelf, for a mere $5 (This is routinely a mid-teens bottle elsewhere) but I have not seen this wine at any other GOs.


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