Castillo Monjardin 2014 unoaked Chardonnay “El Cerezo”

Navarra DO, Spain; 13% ABV
$3 at the Richmond, CA, store on 22 Feb

img_00491This very pretty label and low price were immediately interesting!  I opened it this evening and I think it is quite good wine for the money, but it is very Spanish…

… which means (IMO) that its fruit is quite restrained, with more acid and minerality than most CA Chardonnays.  It tastes of green / yellow grape skin, riper yellow apple / pineapple, and white-fruity mineral oil.  I’d guess that Seedboy would like this pretty well, although bets on his preferences are always risky.  🙂

The next day, the flavors are much the same, although more smooth and perhaps showing a little oxidation.


4 thoughts on “Castillo Monjardin 2014 unoaked Chardonnay “El Cerezo”

  1. Dickoz

    I opened a bottle of Castillo Monjardin 2014 yesterday. This is an excellent wine for $4 (Santa Clara store). It retails for about $13. Rated 87/100 in Wine Spectator. Being unoaked, it focuses on mineral/citrus qualities and is well balanced. No buttery, oaky jive with this wine. Bouquet has a pleasant chardonnay perfume. Nice clean aftertaste. Had it with fresh herb tossed pasta and canned olive oil sardines. A delicious combo!

    1. Happybaker

      Awesome. Saw this today (without seeing the review here) and nabbed it for the very same reason – petty label, great price and, Spanish. Worth a try, I thought. Now I can’t wait to try it! I like more minerally chards, the hubby, oaky. So I guess this one will be more for me… and I’m fine with that!


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