Chateau Simon Carretey 2008 Sauternes

Sauternes AOC, Bordeaux, France; 13.5% ABV
imported by Halby Marketing, Inc., Sonoma, CA
$7 for 375ml at the Richmond, CA, store on 27 Feb

chsimoncarretey_2008_sauternesOn the nose and then on the palate, the wine shows full-flavored but delicately delineated honeysuckle, yellow pear / apple, pineapple, ripe Asian pear, very slight (if any?) botrytis, and ripe apricot.  This is not the most amazing Sauternes, but it is an outstanding bargain.  Like most such sweet wines, this could probably develop well for at least another ten years in good storage.

The next day, the flavors were much the same, with the flavors more delicate and “liquidy.”


11 thoughts on “Chateau Simon Carretey 2008 Sauternes

  1. seedboy

    The story I’m told is that corporate only got 4 cases of this, and only Richmond and SF/Geary got any of it.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      The Richmond store got 4 cases of 12 375ml bottles. I’m glad you at least got three bottles. BTW, that “guy stocking the wine,” whom you asked about this Sauterne, was the store owner, who is also a wine enthusiast. 🙂

  2. glpease

    I pretty much am in agreement with BW on this one. It’s lovely, with enough RS to satisfy a sweet craving, and just enough acidity to keep it from cloying. It’s not d’Yquem, and, sure, I’d love it if it had a little more of that botrytised character that I love – it’s there, but quite in the background – but, it’s delicious, inexpensive, and has long enough legs for a good run, if anyone gets enough to to age them. I bought a few bottles; I’m pretty sure they’ll be long gone before winter returns.

    Second day, it shows more of perfectly ripe pear, the honeysuckle fades just a bit, and botrytis is slightly more noticeable, but the delicate acidity holds up nicely, and the wine is a little more silky on the palate. Dammit. If there’s any left tomorrow, I might buy a couple more…

    1. seedboy

      I bought the last three on the shelf in Richmond, and the guy stocking wine said there was no more. If any appears at Oakland I’ll let you know.

  3. Doug Green

    Wow, a promising Sauternes with bottle age for $7 for a half! I’ll have to see if I can find any of this in San Diego. Generally speaking, decent half bottles of Sauternes tend to go for $15-20 or more for a wine of this level (and double that for classed growths).

            1. BargainWhine Post author

              The rumor I heard was that there were only 300 cases available, so you got some if you happened to be ordering when they popped up.

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