Lina Santa 2013 red

Vinho Regional Alentejano, Portugal
35% Aragonez (Tempranillo), 35% Trincadeira (Tinta Amarela), 30% Castelão; 14% ABV
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 27 Feb

img_0058So… I bought and opened this expecting it to be like the previous Portuguese reds I’ve tasted: very dry, tannic, ripe but rather acid, and needing 1.5 – 2 hours in a decanter for me to really find it palatable.  Instead, I probably would have believed you if you had told me this was a Tempranillo – Cabernet blend from the Central Coast of California.  I tasted sweet, ripe, red cherry fruit on first pour.  With more time in a decanter, the red fruit darkened and became purplish, much like Cabernet flavors.  The wine seems fully aired after about 90 minutes, with softly textured flavors of sweetly ripe purplish red cherry, dark red / black raspberry / almost blackberry, dusty cinnamon / dried orange peel, with a drying, but not unpleasant, tannic finish.  Although not at all what I had expected, this seems like a pretty good wine for the price, a European wine that I would not recommend to people who prefer European wines, but to those who prefer Californian wines.

The saved, single-glass, screw-cap bottle of this wine was less sweet and fuzzy, more acid (not saying that much in this case), but still with sweetly ripe Cabernet- and somewhat Tempranillo-tasting fruit, and still entertainingly Drinkable.


3 thoughts on “Lina Santa 2013 red

  1. Doug Green

    Have you tried the Vista Regua 2013 Carater? That’s another Portuguese Douro red that’s available for $5 at my local GO stores in San Diego, and which I very much like. More typical Portuguese varietals, whereas the one above seems to be more Spanish varietals.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Doug! I did like the Vista da Regua Carater, but it’s a wine I don’t recommend to that many people. I recall it as fairly tight and tannic, but also delicate and elegant, with tasty acid (after decanting about 90 minutes). It was more forwardly fruity the next day, but also more ordinary. It’s a good food wine, but one that I’d guess many CA-centric wine drinkers, or people new to wine, would find unpleasantly tannic and acid.


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