Chateau Haut Pougnan 2014 Bordeaux

Bordeaux AOC, France
imported by Aquitane Wine USA, LLC
80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon; 12.5% ABV
$10 at the Richmond, CA, store on around 24 Feb

I believe I bought this after a couple customers recommended it.  I thought it was good but not especially remarkable.

I decanted the wine and left it alone for a couple hours.  The fruit became more accessible, showing earthy red cherry / redcurrant, darkening over time to include a little blackcurrant / blackberry.  It struck me as tasty Bordeaux, but nothing exceptional.

A number of days later, the saved, single-glass, screw-cap bottle showed its fruit a little more soft and sweet, and was much more immediately pleasant, but was otherwise much the same.

The gold-colored sticker says “Concours des Grands Vins de France a Macon, Medaille D’Or, 2015.”


9 thoughts on “Chateau Haut Pougnan 2014 Bordeaux

  1. TimG

    I have been reading your posts for a long time and really appreciate you putting together this site. In order to find good wines, I end up trying a fair share of so so wines before finding something worth getting by the case. This site has given me good info and saved me from trying a lot of sub par wines and allowed me to grab good deals while they are still available. While I am in Washington State and a fair amount of the wine reviewed does not get to my store (Crown Hill in Seattle) others, like Flitcraft and SeedBoy often cover wines that get to us. Thanks!

    1. BeerBudget

      Fellow lurker here. I’d like to second the above sentiment and include Davidlikeswine and Darrell on the list. Big thanks guys! What is unique about this blog is that the pomp and snobbery that surrounds the wine trade is mostly absent. The Grossout affords myself a budget wine education without the disappointment of over-paying for a mediocre bottle. Finding a gem like the Bailiwick and stuffing the cellar is the payoff. Shout-out to Joe (GO owner) for picking winners in Palo Alto!

  2. Darrell

    Let me say I have been reading BW’s blogs before and after his employment in Richmond and his evaluations have remained even keeled. His ear is closer to the ground as to the possible availability of wines and aids in us searching for these wines especially those of us who do not live close to a GO. His voluntary time to evaluate wines is his interest, choice and whatever might appear interesting which doesn’t always correspond to my wine drinking and interest. I believe BW’s tastings are under consistent and controlled conditions and generally does taste over a period of time, unlike I do who makes snap decisions in the GO parking lot. I’m a pop and pour guy unless there is need to decant for wine clarity, but BW’s decanting is for possible oxidation reasons. Personally, I want to prevent oxidation when I decant old wines and will give a shot of inert air into my decanter so I can enjoy that old wine a bit longer without those oxidation notes.

  3. Brian Huckins

    U continually have odd tasting notes after receiving ur emails for a few years $10 wines don’t all need to be decanted for hours

    I would focus on the occasional good buys the Read wine buyer accomplishes

    Are you employed by the reads or a freelancer

    Just curious



    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi Brian. What do you mean by “the Read wine buyer” or “the reads?” I started writing here as a hobby. In the process, I got to know a store owner then at the San Pablo, CA, store, I am now employed at his Richmond, CA, store. He is fine with my continuing to express my personal opinions on this blog.

      1. Expat

        BW, you probably don’t need me to tell you to disregard that incoherent critique. I’ve always appreciated your reviews and continue to value them. I also really like the reviews for GO’s more expensive offerings because I only seek out the nicer bottles these days and have no interest in $3 crapshoots. I’m too old to drink mediocre factory wine.


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