2010 Santa Alicia “Edición Limitada” Pinot Noir

Casablanca, Chile; 14% ABV
Imported by Halby Marketing, Sonoma, CA
$6.99 at Palo Alto on February 28th

IMG_0084Getting out from under the back-log and wanted to get this up before the sale as I know this is still around in quantity, at least at Palo Alto. This came in with two other Santa Alicia wines (a “Shiraz” which was not good and the “Millantu” red blend which was very good) and I picked up a bottle because the price point seemed nice and the packaging alluded to some quality. A brief web search had me immediately regretting my decision. Wine Enthusiast panned this, giving it 80 points, calling it bitter and astringent. That review was dated 2013, and all I can surmise is that the wine was either totally shut down or that they got a bad bottle. I really liked this and found it a refreshing change of pace from the darker, more brooding pinots that have been around lately.

This wine pours sweet and a little one-dimensional, but after about an hour or so really opens up to display a wide spectrum of strawberry, pomegranate, and red cherry flavors with nice balancing brightness from the acidity. There’s a hint of some mushroom earthiness on the nose, but it doesn’t carry over to the palate. Bright, clean fruit, some oak influence, and no noticeable flaws make this a solid choice for a $7 pinot. Two thumbs up from me, especially for $5.60 on the sale next week.


4 thoughts on “2010 Santa Alicia “Edición Limitada” Pinot Noir

  1. Doug Green

    I also liked, but didn’t LOVE the Millantu, but that’s probably because it had been over hyped to me as being pretty special, as opposed to just a nice wine at a fine price. I had bought 3 bottles @ $8, so I won’t stock up during the sale, but it’s for sure a nice cab at the $6.39 sale price. Haven’t yet opened my bottle of the Anke Blend 2.

  2. Darrell

    In Palo Alto, I must have seen another Santa Alicia PN that cost $6.99, the same price as the Shiraz. The Millantu was $7.99 and the Anke Blend 2, $8.99. Might give this bottle a go at this price. I tried a bottle of 2011 Santa Alicia Grand Reserva CS, which I liked better than the Anke Blend 2, and found it well balanced between varietal character and wood aging. This might not be everybody’s cup of tea though with a description I found quite apt from the WE, ” This is a highly herbal Cab with strong aromas of juniper and pyrazines. The palate feels full but tannic, while leafy, dry, roasted berry flavors finish with baked notes and a lasting herbal flavor.” CellarTracker had conflicting evaluations of two different bottles by the same taster so there could some variability.

    1. Doug Green

      The Santa Alicia 2010 Pinot Noir is 6.99 pre sale price in San Diego. I’ve not tried it. But during the last 20% sale, I tried the 2013 Santa Alicia reserva PN (not Gran Reserva) from Bio Bio valley which was $3, $2.39 on sale, and it was more than decent at that tiny price. Light, but clearly a pinot noir without any significant flaws save for being a light wine, but a pleasant drink.

    2. davidlikeswine Post author

      Hi Darrel. Embarrassed. I looked at the wrong bottle on my receipt. The wine is 6.99. I’ve updated the post to reflect accurate pricing.


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