Two 2014 Pinot Grigios from Volpe Pasini

for both wines:
Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC, far northeastern Italy; 12.5% ABV
$6 at the Richmond, CA, store on 13 April. Still there.

As these wines came from the same producer and region of Italy, in the same year, with the same % alcohol, at the same price, I wondered whether they were actually the same wine in different packaging.  I am now pleasantly satisfied that they are not.

The Gri Vo’ (photo, right) has the duller label, but who knows, maybe it’s just understatement?  But no, the wine actually is the more dull of the two.  It’s still quite good, showing a hint of apricot that carries through the whole taste of more typical flavors of yellow melon, bright yellow grapefruit, and lime, with a sort of musty (from wood?) minerality and slight bitterness of grape skin.  This is a good wine for the price.

On the first day, I preferred the “Zuc di Volpe” bottling (photo, left).  It is more nervy and subtle, showing integrated floral, lemony, and minerally flavors in close succession, reined in by a slight touch of wood.

The next day, the apricot flavor in the Gri Vo’ integrated with other flavors to resemble tropical yellow fruit with a weight that surprises me in Pinot Grigio.  Still quite tasty.

In contrast to the Gri Vo’, the next day, the Zuc di Volpe bottling was still interestingly, subtly complex, but was rather dull compared to what it had been.  Gone were the bright acid and minerally structure.  Depending on whether you plan to drink it over more than one night, you might prefer the Gri Vo’.  In contrast to other blending experiments I’ve done, I could not find a blend of these two that really improved on either wine alone.

Both of these wines show their age just a little.  Drink them up soon, and there is certainly no reason to wait in this spring heat.


11 thoughts on “Two 2014 Pinot Grigios from Volpe Pasini

  1. Zoel

    I finally tried the Zuc di Volpe Pinot Grigio (SRosa store,$6) and was impressed (for a PGrigio). Some depth and structure…more surprised on day two after being left on the counter overnight…usually whites unfridged don’t last the day, but this was more than drinkable on day two. Still missing some of the punchy bright fruit I find in the best Italian whites, but totally passable. Not a re-buy just due to palate preferences.

    1. seedboy

      I think that both Oakland and Richmond still have one or both of these, and the Ribolla Gialla is still around.

  2. seedboy

    I am thankful to the GO for helping me learn to love Italian white wines. BW, are any of these still available at Richmond?

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Both these PGs are still there, as is the Ribolla Gialla, and, I think, a little of the Pinot Bianco, of which as I recall you (and another customer) weren’t as fond. I finally put my RG in the fridge yesterday, along with the Flagstone “Noon Gun” white blend from South Africa. Has anyone tried the latter?

    2. Darrell

      SB, ditto on GO and Grossout being a didactic wine instrument without too much of an expenditure to boot.

  3. Doug Green

    Anyone try either of their 2014 Ribolla Giallas or Sauvignons? Those wines are available in San Diego. I’m not a buyer of Italian Whites, but several acquaintances of mine are.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      I saw only one RG, which has been well received from what I’ve heard. (I haven’t opened my bottle yet.) The Sauvignon Blanc, however, is apparently outstanding.

    2. Darrell

      Doug, I have tried the Sauvignon under the Gri Vo label, the Ribolla Giallas and the Zuc di Volpe Pinot Grigio. This, too, is a first experience with Italian whites. I believe Don Bevins was looking for a ZdV Sauvignon which I never found. The Ribolla Giallas was fine but paled by comparison to the ZdV Pinot Grigio which was more complex and these were tasted side by side. The Gri Vo Sauvignon wasn’t as fine as the Pinot Grigio, but quite good. I have a ZdV Pinot Bianco yet to be tried and looking forward to trying. These wines imported by Chateau and Estates are a value at the GO prices.

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi Darrell. I never saw a Gri Vo’ Sauvignon, just a ZdV Sauvignon. On the first day of the sale, I had to tell three separate people that we were out of it.


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