Magnolia Court 2013 Chardonnay

Central Coast, CA; 13.5% ABV
Cellared and bottled by Turn Key Wine Brands
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 April.  A small amount still there.

I was very intrigued by this wine because the back label reads, in part, “Our Chardonnay combines the structure and minerality often associated with coastal Chardonnay, with a seductive, measured oak profile.  It has generous notes of sub-tropical fruit, toasted hazelnut, and crushed wet stones.”  At one point, I urged Seedboy to try this wine if he saw it, because the above sounded up his alley.  However, now that I try it, it’s almost certainly not.

On the first night, I wondered what those notes meant by “structure and minerality,” since the wine struck me as soft and sweet.  I thought it had a rich and smooth, fairly complex and delineated taste of ripe white and yellow pear, yellow apple, slight yellow tropical fruit, with a creamy, oak / vanilla finish.  There was some minerality, but it was rather soft or even oily.  I conceded it was pretty tasty wine, if not in a style I prefer.

On the second night, however, the wine gained some more acid and, to my taste, became much more balanced.  The flavors were all still there without degradation, and I tasted the “toasted hazelnut” in the label notes.  It’s very Central Coast, and, to me, quite good.

JoelA noted recently that there is a Magnolia Court Pinot Noir, also $7, available at the Oakland, CA, store.  I’d be curious about the reactions of anyone who has tasted it.


4 thoughts on “Magnolia Court 2013 Chardonnay

  1. the connasewer

    Why anyone believes the flowery B.S. notes on wine labels is beyond me. They must hire some high school kid proficient in poetry to do it. Plus the comments from the usual suspects on this site are amusing. What matters is what is in the glass. Cut the crap guys and go with the old fashioned “good or bad”. Save the over blown descriptions for Birthday cards to your girl/boy friend.

    1. seedboy

      Although I’m not one for flowery poetry in my notes, a mere “good” or “bad” from me is fairly meaningless unless you know my tastes, and even then “bad” could mean that I don’t like it, or, that it is poorly made.

      1. the connasewer

        I collect wine. Worked as a consultant, and if I learned anything…it’s not to take the stupid long winded pretentious B.S commentary seriously. You pour it into a glass. Smell, taste and drink it if it tastes right to you. If not, pour it down the sink. Move on. Open another bottle. That’s it. Or you can write a pointless overblown paragraph to impress yourself Get the concept?


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