Macarico 2010 Serre Delle More Vino Spumante di Qualita

Alto Vulture, Vini da Vulcano, Basilicata, Italy
100% Aglianico; 13% ABV
North Berkeley Imports
$7 at the Richmond, CA, store at least a few months ago.  No longer there.

This sparkling rosé arrived probably about 6 months ago, with two other NBI wines.  A couple people told me this was awful, so I had just let this bottle sit around unopened.  However, tonight I opened it, expecting to dump it down the drain, with a backup ready.  But I was surprised: I love it!

The wine was pleasantly aromatic, showing fruity flavors of cantaloupe / quince, red berries, and a dark red cherry close to a savory, almost-meat flavor.  It was well-carbonated and pleasantly dry and crisp.  It kept well over the evening in a stoppered bottle in the fridge.  More light tangerine flavor came out over time.


5 thoughts on “Macarico 2010 Serre Delle More Vino Spumante di Qualita

  1. RM Siverson

    The tip off on this wine should have been North Berkeley Imports who normally go for pretty good wine. I used to buy from them but I found their hype to be overdone relative price/quality ratio. That is,. good, but too many $ for the quality..

    1. seedboy

      The dolcetto among the North Berkeley offerings was a lovely wine and great price for GO. The red Burgundy was, to me, worth the $20 charge but not a screaming deal.

    2. BargainWhine Post author

      I’m pretty sure two people told me they didn’t like this wine. The person I can remember clearly is not unfamiliar with wine, and he said he poured it out. Is there significant bottle variation in sparkling wine, too?

      1. Doug Green

        There certainly can be. Since these sparklers are fermented in their individual bottle, no two are going to be exactly the same – as individual yeast organisms can and do develop differently. Every individual bottle is going to undergo it’s own biochemical process independent from every other bottle in the same lot. Now of course, the producers can and do do their utmost to maintain consistency among the lots (in terms of the juice and the yeasts used to inoculate the bottles) – but it’s not a perfect process, and there is going to inherently be more variation than across wines where large quantities are vinified in a single batch.

  2. seedboy

    I have a bottle of this that I’ve not opened, figuring it would be best consumed during summer grilling season.


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