La Croix St. Vincent 2015 Sauvignon (Blanc)

75% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Sémillon; 12% ABV
Bordeaux, France
imported by Max Beverage, South Pasadena, CA
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 22 May

I don’t remember seeing a white Bordeaux at the GO for some time, and the reds on this label, and from this importer in general, have been good, so I was excited to try this wine.  I found it tasty and so easily drinkable.

The nose is lovely, of yellow and green melon and gooseberries, with aromatic floral / musqué character.  On the palate, the body is light, giving the flavors – those in the nose plus some yellow grapefruit and green lime, minerality, slightly astringent bitterness on the finish – a nice delicateness.  For me, this went down way too easily, and we had no trouble finishing the whole bottle.  Highly Drinkable.


3 thoughts on “La Croix St. Vincent 2015 Sauvignon (Blanc)

  1. Rockridge

    When chilled, it is slightly astringent but as it warms the semillon rounds it out nicely. Purchased in Oakland

  2. Happybaker

    Oh this is very exciting.

    The hubster and I came to discover that we love white Bordeaux’s. (Who knew?!) Had some at the late, much missed Palate restaurant and wine bar in Glendale, CA. So to hear a report of a good one, for $5? I am IN. Will hunt at my GO Monday or Tuesday…


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