Eo 2014 Trebbiano D’Abruzzo

Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC, central Italy; 12.5% ABV
produced and bottled by Azienda Collefriso
imported by Wine Appellations, LTD, Mill Valley, CA
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 12 June

I seemed to recall that I had seen Trebbiano-based wines only from the province of Veneto, but the Wikipedia page linked above says that

The Trebbiano family account for around a third of all white wine in Italy. It is mentioned in more than 80 of Italy’s DOCs (“Controlled origin denominations”), although it has just seven of its own : Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano di Aprilia, Trebbiano di Arborea, Trebbiano di Capriano del Colle, Trebbiano di Romagna and Trebbiano Val Trebbia dei Colli Piacentini and Trebbiano di Soave.

Perhaps the most successful Trebbiano-based blend are the Orvieto whites of Umbria, which use a local clone called Procanico.

As I’d expect from a wine grown farther south, this Trebbiano is a bit more robust that those I recall from Veneto, but it is still very Italian.

The wine tastes of yellow / white melon and pear, some green lime, and a slightly aspirin-like grape skin bitterness, with a somewhat fleshy mouthfeel, crisp lemony acid, and supporting, integrated minerality.  Anyway, I really like this wine for this price.  In terms of food pairing, it would fit in the same niche as a more crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  None of my bottle survived to be tasted the next day.

Also, the front label seems to indicate that the wine may have been made with organic grapes.  The back label doesn’t say anything on the subject.


4 thoughts on “Eo 2014 Trebbiano D’Abruzzo

  1. Seedboy

    Trebbiano is also one of the white wines of Tuscany, where I am soon headed. The rose from this label is tasty as is the cheaper red wine in a burgundy bottle.

    1. GOwinelover

      Enjoy Tuscany! We stayed at a small inn outside of Castellina in Chianti and cooked most nights, eating with the locals at enotecas and trattorias for lunches. Dario Cecchini gets a lot of press if you’re a meat eater – we didn’t check him out, though. We loved Sienna, as well. I’m sure you’ve had Soave with your wine background, but try it if you haven’t – nice, easy and refreshing white.

      1. seedboy

        We are spending a week at Fattoria Petrolo, which is famous for its Sangiovese and Merlot based wines. We will cook a lot. I’m familiar with The Butcher but have not been there. Siena is great but I think we are going to focus more on Montalcino and Pienza this time as we are less familiar with them. We start out in Milan and I’m going to hope to pick up some northern Italian white wines there.


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