Broken Earth Winery 2010 Quadrant BDX

Paso Robles 13.7% ABV
60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Petit Verdot, 7% Petit Sirah
Cellared and bottled by Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles, CA
$5.99 at the San Diego, CA (Downtown), store on 3 June

20170723_202414After sampling this over the two hours it has been open since I aerated it into a large Riedel wine glass, I have three thoughts about this wine: (1) This is what I get for buying a $6 domestic red blend that is Merlot-dominant at Grocery Outlet or otherwise (and I do love a good Merlot, of which I’ve had many since I started drinking Grocery Outlet wine in 2009), (2) this wine is a great example of wine that gives Grocery Outlet wine inventory a bad name, and (3) this shows how bogus wine competitions and points scorings are (2012 Orange County Wine Competition gave this wine 93 points). While there isn’t anything truly bad about it, it just doesn’t deliver at the $5.99 price range like so many over the years to which we have become accustomed. Here’s what you’ll get:

Lots of black currant, dark berries, and even some figs on the nose, but it’s one that isn’t particularly complex and without being able to offer more specifics, honestly resembles a lot of cheap California-designated wines that I’ve tried at GO over the years. It does show a beautifully dark purple color, probably the result of Petit Sirah and Petite Verdot. The palate belies the nose a bit, and at least honors the blend, but the sweetness of the Merlot overwhelms any of the other interesting characteristics that the Cab, Petite Verdot, and Petit Sirah may have offered. If you blindfolded me, I would have guessed 80% Merlot. The wine is acid with mild-medium tannins and absolutely benefits from decanting or air time, but it also blends those flavors together that emerge as rather sweet and unsophisticated on the other side. It drinks fine for the $6-10 range but for the $6 range at GO, it just doesn’t deliver. It’s solely Drinkable for me. If you or a guest loves the simpler end of the Merlot spectrum, however, give it a shot.


4 thoughts on “Broken Earth Winery 2010 Quadrant BDX

  1. Mt Ash

    I think Gowinelover has hit the mark on “not getting what we have become accustomed too” ! When the GO opened in So. Tahoe we were getting good wines for $3 and $4 ! Now it takes a lot of searching to find a good bottle. At $5.99 I would expect a very good wine from the GO. These days, good luck! Bargain Market Wines has left the building. And if you live in Gardnerville, did you know you are paying 1,2,3,4, and even more dollars per bottle than in So. Lake Tahoe ? Check it out, your 30 minute drive will be well worth it. !

  2. PeteK

    You shouldn’t have to let the wine set out for an extended amount of time for a rating… just sayin… if after an hour of ariation, it’s not to your liking move on…

  3. TonyS

    We opened the Broken Earth Quadrant while we still had some of the 2010 Pull 50% Cab/50% Merlot (also from Broken Earth) and found the Quadrant was much weaker. I ended up using some of it to marinate a flank steak and drank the rest the next night. I am going to return to see if any of the Pull is available as my wife and I thought it was worth getting more of it.

  4. TonyS

    I bought a bottle of this that I have not opened. At the same time, I also bought a bottle of 2010 Pull 50% Cab/50% Merlot also from Broken Earth for the same price. It’s seems like a medium-bodied Cab, tastes good and also won a lot of awards. See below for some of them:
    • GOLD 92pts – 2014 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition
    • GOLD – 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
    • GOLD 92pts – 2012 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition
    • SILVER – California State Fair Wine Competition
    • SILVER – U.S. National Wine Competition 2013
    • SILVER – LA Wine Competition 2013
    • SILVER – Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 2013
    • SILVER – San Francisco Chronicle 2013


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