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Spring 2107 Wine Sale, 20% Off All Wine

Hi Everyone!

The Spring 2017 wine sale will start this Monday, April 10, and run through Saturday, April 15, or if your store is open Easter Sunday, through April 16.  I’ll be getting a few things I’ve heard are good or about which I’m curious, but right now my sinuses flare up if I have even a sip of wine, so I’ll mostly be sitting this one out.  I will instead be asking, “Hey, I saw this interesting-looking wine!  Has anyone tried it?”  🙂

Please use this space to describe what you’re finding and tasting, going back for more of (or not), or stocking up on for near- or long-term drinking.  Cheers!


Fall 2016 Wine Sale

This year, Grocery Outlet’s fall wine sale, with 20% off all wine, will run Wednesday, November 2nd through Tuesday, November 8th.  Please use comments on this post to say what you’re hoping to stock up on, ask others where there might be more of your favorite wines, report which new wines are showing up where and impressions of any you’ve tasted, and confess how much you’ve scored and how much you may have left behind.  🙂  Happy hunting and cheers!

Update: Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this year on Sunday, November 6.

Spring 2016 Wine Sale 20% Off All Wine

The Grocery Outlet Spring 2016 wine sale will run Tuesday, March 22nd through Sunday, March 27th!  (Or through Saturday, March 26th if your local store is not open Easter Sunday.)  Please use this space to discuss what you’re thinking of stocking up on, or any special-for-the-sale stuff that’s shown up somewhere, or…  whatever sale-related things you like!  Happy hunting, and cheers!

Fall 2015 Wine Sale, 20% Off All Wine

The fall wine sale this year will be Wednesday, November 4th through Tuesday, November 10th.  It has usually been Wednesday though Sunday, but this year it will run a full week.  Please use comments here to share what you’re planning to stock up on where, or at least what you left behind where, after you got your stash.  🙂

Cheers and happy hunting,


This morning I started working part-time at the Richmond Grocery Outlet, mostly in the beer and wine section.  The store managers are people I met a few years ago because of my participation in this blog, and they’re fine with my continuing to express my personal opinions here about the GO wines I taste.  The prevailing wage in Richmond is hardly outstanding, so rest assured I’m not cashing in for the big bucks here, and I will still be paying full price for everything I buy.  I plan to still administrate this site, and I expect to still get to other GOs, but I may have less time to write reviews. So, y’all… please continue to post about interesting new finds and about your thoughts on the reviews here.  Thank you!

Spring 2015 wine sale 20% off

Since I started writing here, I’m pretty sure the semi-annual wine sales have always been Wednesday through Sunday of the first full week of a month, although the particular month has varied for the Spring Sale.  (The Fall sale has always been in November.)  This year, however, the sale will be the Tuesday through Saturday immediately before Easter, that is, March 31st through April 4th.  Stores I visit are already stocking up for it.

Please use comments here to post recommendations, what you’re finding and how you liked it, etc.  Happy hunting and cheers!

Wine Tasting Notes…Intimidating or Comforting?

I read an article the other day and I thought it was very thought-provoking. It speaks about wine reviews and how the terms and descriptors are intimidating to the average wine buyer. Given that this is a wine review site, meant to help people make successful (for their own tastes) wine choices, I’m quite interested in feedback from the readers here.

The article covers a new approach to wine tasting notes and I would encourage you to read it before commenting; only so that both sides of the situation will be presented to you, and not just my very short opinion below.

Re-Thinking Wine Tasting Notes – The Grape Collective.

My thoughts regarding “traditional descriptors” are they help me to make a decision based on the actual flavor profile of the wine. When someone says “black fruit” they have my attention, less so with “red fruit”. If someone says “bright, tart, cherry” I slowly back away…for me “spices, rich & velvety” are all inviting terms, while “grassy, bell pepper, sweet, cloying & tart” are a sign to put down the bottle.

The article comes from the opposite perspective, indicating that many people feel that wine descriptors are intimidating and more of rhetoric than use. I actually find traditional wine tasting notes very helpful (and the alternative options presented really uninformative, for what I’m trying to learn about a bottle of wine).

How do you feel? This GO wine blog covers the vast spectrum of the wine buying consumer; everyone from the oenephile who wants a good bargain, to someone who just wants to know “if a wine is good” before they buy. Are you intimidated by traditional wine terms? Do you find them useful? Do you use alternative methods when you describe a wine?

I’m interested in thoughts across the board here, because the purpose of this blog is to help you find a wine that suits your tastes, needs or wants.

Fall 2014 Wine Sale 20% Off, Nov 5 – 9

Wine Sale Flyer NOV 2014_150Our custom here has been to announce the fall wine sale about a week before it starts.  However, this year especially, it seems like the GO itself has been promoting it a good bit beforehand, so I hadn’t felt the need to do it.  (Many stores have even been willing to put wine aside for customers to buy during the sale.)  And besides, it seems like y’all don’t want to ‘fess up to what you are planning to stock up on from which store, at least until it’s actually cleared the checkout!  So, here, please tell us about what you have noticed new that has shown up for the sale, what you’ve tried and liked or not, and what you might have left behind in your wake for others to pick up.  🙂  Myself, I didn’t wait for the sale to get a couple more bottles of the 2008 Ben Hogan Tribute Carnoustie.  Happy hunting!

2010 Tarkettle Road Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, CA $8.99

Silverdale, WA    13.5% alc.    (Purchased on 4/9/14)

IMG_1463Mostly clear deep purple/garnet.  When first poured, I wasn’t terribly fond of this Cab; had difficulty finding anythig varietal about it.  But after an hour or two, it really opened up and changed drastically…showing cedar, dark chocolate, black plum and perhaps a bit of eucalyptus in the beautiful nose.  In the mouth, the tannins are very soft and accessible, but do lend structure and the acidity is right on (what can I say?  I’m a product of the 60’s/70’s).  The flavors show more chocolate, cedar and dark fruit.  Oddly, the tannins seem to surface more in the finish, but still in balance.  For me, this is a winner…fruit forward with oak in the background where it should be.  May hold well for 2-3 years, but…why?  Tastes great now.  (My apologies for the poor photo. Light colored print was tough to capture.)

For another view, Expat (one of our “regulars”) was not fond of this Cab.  You can check out his comments here.  I’m thinking that more air time might have improved your experience, Expat.  But again, maybe not.  Another contributor, Gary Valan thought the Cab was “outstanding”.  But he referenced it being from Alexander Valley…a completely different region from Paso Robles (Central Coast).  So now I’m curious…are there actually two different AVA Cabs from Tarkettle Road in our GO’s?


Spring 2014 Wine Sale


Starting in one week, it’s the Spring sale — 20% off all wines Wednesday through Sunday — this time April 9th to 13th.  Comment on this post to let us know what you plan to stock up on, or let us know after you’ve gotten it home if there’s any left where you found it, or any other related thoughts.  Cheers and happy hunting!