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Please use comments here to alert everyone to interesting wines you’ve seen at which stores, but which have not yet been reviewed.  Please post any tasting notes in Guest Contributions, or as a comment on a main-page review, as comments here older than six weeks or so will be deleted.

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  1. flitcraft

    What’s new in the greater Seattle GO’s? Pretty much nothing. None of the wines being discussed by California folks have turned up at any of the three GOs in this area that I check on. And nothing of interest that hasn’t been mentioned, either, unless you count the Passo Cale Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which at 13.99 is out of my range for taking a flyer on.

    So, since nothing new has turned up, I thought I’d mention for the Seattle folks that there is still some of the D’Aquino Valpolicella and Amarone di Valpolicella at Crown Hill, with the bizarro world 14.99 price for the simple DOC Valpolicella and 6.99 for the Amarone. (!) I couldn’t keep myself from asking the wine guy at Crown Hill about this–obviously they’re mismarked, and I don’t want to take advantage of a clear mistake price. But he assured me that the prices are ‘right,’ and I will confirm that the ordinary DOC Valpolicella is selling at the same inflated price elsewhere in the Seattle area. (Or probably not selling, since there’s little reason to spend that kind of cash on a relatively no-name DOC Valpolicella when you can get one from a better winery for less at your local wine-shop. The shelf-tag claims that retail on this one is 24.99, but that would be flat out highway robbery…) Even after my inquiry as to whether perhaps the prices were incorrect, the wine guy insisted that they’re right, suggesting that the 2004 vintage on the Amarone is why it’s so cheap. Maybe so, but I found it well worth the tariff and in no way over the hill.

    So, if you’re in the area and want to try a nice little Amarone at a steal of a price, check it out. But I can’t recommend the DOC Valpolicella, since I haven’t tried it, given the exorbitant price.

  2. Rocky

    David, please do let us know about the ’09 Arrowhead – I tried the ’07 and found it tired and over-the-top, a bit like prune juice now but it may have had potential some years back?

    1. seedboy

      I’m also curious about the ’09. I loved the ’06, but did think that the ’07 was rather over-the-top for my tastes. The Barbaresco is not very good, but the Barolo with the same brand is really good.

      1. DavidLikesWine

        I’ll elaborate more on a “guest contributions” note, but I think this is absolutely fantastic. It’d be interesting to compare with the ’07 which seems to be a love it or hate it kind of wine. But for me, this is two thumbs up and a repeat purchase.

        1. seedboy

          It genuinely tastes like Barolo. It is a little more accessible for a young wine than a traditional barolo would be but not at the expense of balance or structure. I plan to buy a few of them.

  3. DavidLikesWine

    Went back today for more bottles of the High Flyer Chardonnay. Consumed the first bottle over 3 days and it was fantastic to the last drop. Still about a case and a half there, methinks the airplane label is scaring people off or the 2011 vintage, but fear not, there’s good juice in there that still has plenty of life left.

    Also new out on the shelves:
    2013 Conte di Santa Chaira Amarone $19.99 / $39.99
    2012 Tre Amici Barbaresco $15.99 / $29.99
    2014 Roxy Ann Sauv Blanc, Single Vineyard, Rogue Valley, Oregon $5.99 / $19.99
    2009 Arrowhead Mountain Vineyards Zinfandel, $8.99 / $21.99.

    The Zin makes a fantastic presentation in the burgundy bottle, a la Manzanita Creek “Stealth” or some of the Turley wines. I think I remember reading that the ’07 was making the rounds, but this was the first I’d seen or heard of the ’09. A bottle happened to make it’s way into my basket and I shall report back.

  4. DavidLikesWine

    Had the chance to swing by Palo Alto yesterday, and there’s some new stuff on the floor:

    2012 Titan Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley – $7.99 ($24.99)
    2012 Casa De Arcilla (Clayhouse) Tempranillo, Paso Robles – $3.99 ($12.99)
    2011 High Flyer Chardonnay, Sierra Madre Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley – $5.99 ($19.99, $28 from winery website)
    2014 Gerard Bertrand Vin Gris Rose Magnum – $5.99 because why not buy a magnum of good Rosé for $6?!

    I picked up the Chardonnay, being familiar with High Flyer wines and having loved everything I’ve had from them. This did not disappoint. Intensely flavorful without being overly rich. Doubt there is much if any malolactic fermentation on this wine, but some nice barrel spice and oak notes. Tropical fruit, something almost like white cherry, then more apple / citrus as it warms. Joe only got 2 cases of this, and, I admit to calling to reserve 3 more bottles before posting this review. My favorite GO chardonnay I’ve had.

    1. seedboy

      I bought a bottle of the Tempranillo, having loved the Grenache Blanc from this label. The Tempranillo, not so much. Good fruit and no detectable oak, both good things, but it lacks acidity and tannin and therefore structure/complexity. Certainly worth $3.99 but I’ll not buy more of it.

  5. jimvan49

    Riesling alert – In Eureka store today, a 2015 Dr. Kaufmann Rheinhessen Riesling said to be between medium dry and medium sweet. I picked it up because 2015 is getting rave reviews as a German vintage. 10.5% alcohol and $4.99 a bottle. Will try it later tonight.

    1. jimvan49

      It is worth trying for the nose alone. Complex aromas of many tree fruits (think apple, peach, apricot and others in a complex interplay). It is quite quaffable. Good acidity. It is fun to drink – a touch of bitterness in the end adds interest as well. Worth the price – not a new world riesling by any means (i.e. not heavy at all), it invites quaffing with its juicy flavors, acidity and low alcohol.

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          This Riesling has been at the Richmond, CA, store for a couple months or so. I think there only about 6 bottles left.

  6. DavidLikesWine

    Had the chance to drop by Palo Alto today:

    They’ve got a new Bonny Doon syrah, the 2014 “Syrah Cuvee Splendide” for 11.99 (29.99 srp) which looks pretty good. The Romero Sempre Vive Blue Heron Vineyard Napa Red blend is on the shelf at 19.99. Looooots for rose, nothing new that hasn’t been reported yet, but everything is there in good quantity. Lots of the 2011 Paripaso Chardonnay, still at $1.99.

    Joe said they’re supposed to be getting in a pretty eclectic mix being closed out from Epic, a pretty big distributor. Wines will range from 5.99 – $20+, will post as soon as I get more info on what’s coming in.

    1. seedboy

      The guys at the Oakland store love that Bonny Doon syrah. Odd, that would seem to be a current release; the winery website shows no vintage of this wine, which has been made multiple vintages.

  7. RB

    At the Olympia store:
    2013 Stone Cap Rose, Columbia Valley, $2.99 (value label for Goose Ridge Vineyards)
    2011 Fuse Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, $10.99
    2008 Soli Pinot Noir, Bulgaria, $4.99
    Took a chance on this last one (because why not?) and I liked it. A little brown mixed in with the red colorwise. It is a lighter style that opened with some nice cherry flavor and an extended finish. After about an hour some rich blackberry flavors took over. Not a lot of acid.

  8. rgardner2

    Been traveling, didn’t have time to hit a SoCal GO.
    Anyway, at Kennewick GO they have started a small WA Wine section (yeah! Yakima/Union Gap puts apple labels in front of WA Wines). I see the Titan CF others have mentioned, and 2011 GARD (circle over the A) Grand Klasse Riesling Lawrence Vineyards $6.99 (about $30, Columbia Valley). Checking it on Vivino, over 20 reviews and over 4.5 rating. I don’t think I’ve seen any GO wine over 4.5 on Vivino, so of course I bought some.

  9. inthewinecountry

    Stopped in this weekend at the Grass Valley GO just did a store remodel and the wine section is looking nice. They have new coolers that are open without doors, not too energy efficient. I like that they now have a larger selection of ciders, still not quite as big as the Auburn store though.


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