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Please use comments here to alert everyone to interesting wines you’ve seen at which stores, but which have not yet been reviewed.  Please post any tasting notes in Guest Contributions, or as a comment on a main-page review, as comments here older than six weeks or so will be deleted.

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  1. rocky

    I agree Expat, high quality fruit here, layered flavors, big and better the 2nd day. Oakland/Berk/PH are out, i think it’s a goner. RR Chard was ok, Foppiano was better though.

  2. Expat

    Anyone see the Cairdean Vineyards 2010 Napa Valley Merlot? Forgive me if it’s been mentioned on this board – I haven’t been tracking it closely lately. Anyway, this is legit Napa merlot. $5.99, alleged MSRP of $46 (probably more like $35). A tad heavier fruit than I normally go for but classic Napa flavor and a really well made wine.

    1. seedboy

      Oakland had the RRV Chard a couple of days ago. I did not care for it much but ended up drinking most of the bottle while making dinner and watching Greinke dominate the Giants.

        1. Expat

          Weinish, are you an A’s fan? A Dodgers’ fan? The last two nights watching the overpaid boys in blue squeak by the Giants have been like a corked bottle of 2 Buck Chuck. I’ll just remember the three championships and wait for the Giants to make naysayers look foolish again.

          1. Seedboy

            the Dodgers need to spend more because Bochy is worth about $100 million. It might be a while before the even numbered year thing works again though, unless the Giants’ front office reloads the rotation in the offseason.

            1. Expat

              Yeah, the rotation is one epic bordeaux (Bumgarner), a solid napa cab (Leake) and 3 corked bottles (you know who).

    2. Don Bevins

      Agreed Expat. My wife loved it so more was added to the rack Roseville was pretty well stocked.The only other Cairdean wine I have seen up here has been the zinfandel. No thanks.
      I will give the Story single vineyard zin a try though

  3. BargainWhine Post author

    I tasted the 2011 Foppiano Russian River Valley Chardonnay over a few days, and thought it’s very good for the money. On the first day, it was pretty good: apparently un-oaked, fresh fruit of yellow apple / pear, green apple / lime, orange blossom (borrowed from the back label, but I thought accurate), very nice juicy acid. Left for a couple days in the fridge, half-finished with the cork in it. Then, two days after opening, was very nicely integrated, showing a bit more richness of (I think partial) malolactic fermentation. Really very good. I should have a formal review up within a week or so.

    1. weinish

      received an 86 from Wine Spectator.

      Foppiano 2012 Estate Bottled Chardonnay (Russian River Valley)

      Price $25
      This wine has overlapping personalities. One drips richly in vanilla and honey, while the other is lemony tart and electric in acidity. They commingle on the finish, and will clearly decide whether to get along or part over time. Give the wine a good swirl. — V.B. (10/1/2014)

          1. seedboy

            I still have a case of the Loire SB from a little while back that I’ve not opened, drinking older GO SB when I’m in the mood for one and still have many of those left.

  4. RB

    Stopped by the Lakewood store yesterday and saw a few things new to me. In addition to the Street Shiraz that Lim13 liked ($3.99), they had a few bottles of 2008 Tremani Pinot Noir, Hansen Vineyards, Russian River Valley ($9.99) and 2011 Healdsburg Ranches Appellation Series PN, Russian River Valley ($5.99).

  5. RB

    At the Olympia store: 2012 Naggiar Vineyards “NV” Grande Violette, Sierra Foothills, $4.99. Rhone blend. The big NV on the label indicates that it is from the winery’s value line.
    Pretty tasty. Some tannins up front. Maybe a little sweet at the finish on its own, but went really well with food (chicken with plums and olives…been a banner year for our plum tree).

    This is the first sort-of-interesting wine I’ve seen at the Olympia store in months. They really have not brought much in since their long-time wine/beer person left. She kept things well organized and always had an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Now it’s mostly just junk. Haven’t seen any of the few that others have highlighted coming into the NW recently (although everyone has noted it’s been pretty slim pickings up here of late). Hoping things will pick up.

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      Hi RB. Would you describe your method for your chicken with plums and olives dish? It sounds like something up my alley.


      1. RB

        Sure. It’s from an older Greg Atkinson cookbook and is one of my favorites.
        3lbs chicken cut up. Scatter 9 plums (italian prune size) cut in half & depitted and add 3/4 cup nicoise or similiar olives, Tbsp chopped garlic, salt and pepper over top. Cover with a cup of white wine and cook at 375 for 50 min. Remove chicken, plums & olives and cook down juices to top chicken. Easy peasy.

  6. EHL

    FYI…saw another interesting Willamette Valley product to try: the 2011 Seven of Hearts, Pinot Noir–Durant Vineyards, 133 cases produced and bottled in Dundee Hills, Oregon; 12% Alc.; $7 GO at Sequim, WA, $35 SRP. I believe there was brief mention of it on the blog, but I don’t recall and couldn’t find tasting notes on it.

    My impressions upon popping the cork and tasting it.

    The Pinot was noticeably delicate upon pouring, with a semi-brilliant, translucent rose-pink color and light body.

    The nose was initially muted with a slightly sour note, but within an hour it opened up to reveal an enticing floral perfume featuring rose petals and violets, accented by red cherry and unsweet strawberry undertones.

    Although the wine at first seemed rather acidic, bitter and unbalanced, with a few hours’ time it smoothed out considerably, tasting in a restrained fashion of tart red pie cherries, grapefruit and flower blossoms.

    Checking it out later on-line, I discovered this WV winery’s PN is highly-regarded, with complimentary ratings in the 90+ range: http://www.cellartracker.com/wine.asp?iWine=1483904; http://www.greatnorthwestwine.com/2013/08/17/seven-of-hearts-2011-durant-vineyard-pinot-noir-dundee-hills-35/.

    I agree that this is a complex and nuanced wine, especially on the second day, when the PN darkened significantly and gained depth, showing its best stuff.

    As to whether I would pay $35 for it and award it 93 points, with accolades such as “gorgeous,” “silky” and “transcendent”…well, I don’t know, since IMHO I have tasted better PNs from GO that have knocked my socks off.

    But for $7, I can agree that it is money well spent, and I am sure that many may well more appreciate the subtleties and restraint of this elegant Pinot than my palate…


    1. EHL

      Sorry, BW…thought I posted this in “Guest Contributions” but erred. Feel free to move it over there if you wish.


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