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Please use comments here to alert everyone to interesting wines you’ve seen at which stores, but which have not yet been reviewed.  Please post any tasting notes in Guest Contributions, or as a comment on a main-page review, as comments here older than six weeks or so will be deleted.

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3,800 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. BargainWhine Post author

    Yesterday, three new wines arrived from North Berkeley Imports: a 2011 Cote de Nuits Villages (red Burgundy, i.e,. Pinot Noir) for $20, a 2013(?) Dolcetto D’Alba for $6, and a 2010 sparkling rose made from 100% Aglianico grapes (see here) for $7.

      1. seedboy

        Frederic Magnien Côte De Nuits-Villages Croix-Viollette 2011 is the wine. Oakland has 6 cases. At that price it will move slowly.

        1. JoelA

          The wine was imported by North Berkeley Wine; comes from a village between Gevrey-Chambertin and Fixin. Not a great deal but about half the retail price (which like many French wines is probably too high). I will try a bottle sometime soon

        2. Darrell

          The last price posting of a bottle of 2005 was $31 through Cellar Tracker Where to Buy and I think 2005 was a better vintage than 2011.

            1. seedboy

              I did buy a bottle and drank a glass or so last night. It is a genuine red Burgundy, modest red fruit, good earthiness, balanced with sufficient acid and some tannin. If you have a California Pinot Noir palate you might find this wine a bit austere. I will report back on the second half of the bottle.

            2. seedboy

              2d day report: the only deterioration is that some of the fruit has dropped out. The rest of the wine holds up nicely, structure still firmly in place. This would make a good every day drinker over the next couple of years although the price is going to deter many. Too bad the sale is nowhere near.

  2. Sebastian

    Just opened a bottle of the Brainstorm California Vermentino and was pretty pleased. It has a nice acidity and the musky floralness that I associate with the Italian versions of the varietal, although maybe a little less crisp. The winemaker’s website did not have any information about this particular wine. I think it was $3.99 at the Oakland store, so a good value if you are looking to try a not-so-common white.


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