Guest Contributions

Please use this page to post your tasting notes of Grocery Outlet wines that have not (yet?) been reviewed on the main page, and comments thereon.  If it’s easy to do so, please include in some order the wine’s year, name, producer, varietal(s), wine region, price and the GO store where you bought it.

Please add your notes for wines that have been reviewed on the main page to comments under that review.  You can search main page reviews using the box in the upper right corner.  Note that comments in this blog are not included when you use this search box.  To find everything in reader reviews and other comments, please add “” to your search.


1,881 thoughts on “Guest Contributions

  1. Seedboy

    Couple of new wines from Pech Merle today at Oakland. Rivino Vineyard Syrah Rose Mendocino County,2017 $4.99 is a quality wine, dry, good acidity, nice strawberry and maybe cantelope fruit. 2017 Ioasa Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Lake County also $4.99, this is a rich wine with grapefruit and melon and maybe just a bit of red currant. These are both quality wines, finished by screwcap.

  2. Darrell

    Bought and tried a 2013 Iris Sonoma Coast PN, $7 and don’t recommend at all. There is the beginning of VA and will return which I don’t usually do.

      1. Happybaker

        Seedboy – good to hear about a new tasty white. Is it this wine?

        Especially happy to hear about it as I just bought a few new 3.99 cheapies to try and so far, 3 out of the 4 have been MEH.
        Popcorn Chardonnay – 2015. Nope.
        Sunchelle Chardonnay, 2015. Nope.
        The non vintage/non bin version of Lindemen’s chardonnay – not horrible but not a rebuy. 2.99 versus the normal 3.99 for the bin version.
        Tonight is one last newbie “Cascade Ridge.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. philinoakland

    Not wine (no sh!t Sherlock) but this is just wonderful. Rich creamy and silky smooth top class chocolate taste – Vermeer Dutch Chocolate Cream: $4.99 at the Oakland store.

      1. philinoakland

        I hope you found it.

        Incidentally, that Vermeer painting was at the de Young Museum several years ago and I had the pleasure of seeing it in all its glory. Very beautiful, and I have the fridge magnet to prove it !!!


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