July, 2015:  Now that I’m an employee of the Richmond, CA, Grocery Outlet, I see a number of interesting-looking wines come in that I have absolutely no time or liver capacity to investigate in my usual, thorough style.  On this page, I’ll list wines which
look interesting to me and, with enough time, I might purchase. But I cannot taste anything close to all the wines that look interesting, so I’ll just list them here as an alert to interested readers. If I’ve reviewed them, please post your comments on the review. But since I’ll probably have to let most of them pass me by, please discuss them (and any other wines that interest you) on What’s New? (“I’ve seen it”) or Guest Contributions (“These are my tasting notes.”)

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Bell Hill 2004 Merlot, Lake County, CA, $6
Franciscan 2013 “Equilibrium” Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, $12
Lady in Red red blend, $4