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Please use this page to describe non-wine GO items you have especially appreciated lately.  To reduce overlap with other GO and food sites, your first comment on this site may not be on this page.

190 thoughts on “Other GO Bargains

  1. Betty Frost, Lifestyle Realtor

    I don’t know if there is any left, but I found some European unsalted butter, Jana Valley, from the Czech Republic. So unbelievable. I had gotten some butter from Finlandia last year and it was delicious The one from the Czech Republic was even better.

  2. flitcraft

    Chowdah time!

    Cans of Snow’s Clam Chowder were seen at the Lake City GO for 1.19 a can. This is the clam chowder that every New Englander grew up on, and it’s actually pretty good, assuming that you like a milk based chowder rather than the tomato based Manhattan clam chowder. (I’m not here to judge…) If you do buy, watch out–they’re selling the condensed version (just add a can of milk) at the same price as a heat-and-serve non-condensed version, so check first.

    And speaking of chowder, in the freezer case I found a 20 ounce package of frozen cream style corn for 49 cents a package. (This came from Omaha; ingredients are corn, salt, sugar, and starch. No actual dairy, but you can add that yourself if you like.) Not only that, but there are 15 lb. bags of Red Bliss potatoes for 4 bucks, so you can whip up a dandy corn chowder in nothing flat.
    If you don’t care for corn chowder, the cream style corn is really corn-flavoured. I took the half that I didn’t use in my corn chowder and whisked in a tablespoon of sour cream and some extra salt and pepper. Yummm…

  3. BargainWhine Post author

    Olli “Napoli” Salame (Applewood Smoked with Sangiovese Wine), 6oz for $4. American-made but seems like a pretty authentic-style product, quite dry by contemporary standards at least. No nitrates or nitrites, although I do notice that the embedded black peppercorns are not listed in the ingredients. The back label has a quote from Virginia Woolf. 🙂 Anyway, it’s delicious.

  4. flitcraft

    More goodies: Da Vigni Italian pannetone, only 1.99, whereas usually the pannetones seen at GO run 3.99 to 5.99; best by date the end of July.

    Bumblebee 6 oz can of pink crab meat, perfect for crab bisque or Vietnamese bun real soup, 1.99 a can.

    And happy day, because Happy Eggs are back. 3 dollars for a dozen large, brown, free range eggs.

  5. flitcraft

    President French cultured unsalted butter, 4.99 a pound. I’m a sucker for good cultured butter, so I’m willing to pay the premium for it.

  6. BargainWhine Post author

    I don’t know caviar, but we have been enjoying the 2oz jars of “Season” Icelandic black capelin caviar for $3, on bagels with crème fraîche.

    1. flitcraft

      Try it with fingerling potatoes and creme fraiche; or as a topping on custardy scrambled eggs made with sour cream. Or on a slice of ciabatta bread laden with cultured butter. Yumm…I need to get to GO right away and score some caviar!

      1. BargainWhine Post author

        Hi flitcraft. Thanks for the suggestions! At least at my store, we don’t get in much at a time, and it’s gone pretty quickly.

  7. flitcraft

    Happy Eggs, 2.50 per dozen large eggs, brown shells. I buy cage free eggs generally, but these are a step up from my usual eggs. They’re free range–so the chickens actually roam around and eat bugs and bits during the day. And it definitely makes a difference–the yolks are bright orange and the whites are thick and stand proud. Makes the best darn poached eggs ever. They don’t always have them at GO, but when they do, I buy a couple dozen. When they don’t, I’ve been spoiled so I buy them at my local supermarket, where they cost $5.79.

    1. Seedboy

      We buy those eggs a lot. I’m also happy to see the Humboldt Creamery organic dairy products. There is also good Comte and Gruyere right now. Eden and Muir Glen organic tomato products in jars.

  8. flitcraft

    Nutiva Red Palm Oil, organic and Fair Trade, from Ecuador. 15 ounce jar. [Sorry, forgot to note the price…]

    This stuff is supposed to be one of those super-foods, loaded with Vitamin A and E and other phytonutrients. Dunno about any of that, myself, but it is absolutely essential for that wonderful Brazilian seafood stew, moqueca. It’s a basic seafood stew with shrimp, chunks of firm white fish, onions, garlic, lots of chopped cilantro, and chopped chilis in coconut milk, with lashings of fresh lime juice and red palm oil (called dende oil in Brazil). The red palm oil tints the whole thing an intense orangy color, and lends a savory note that is the signature scent and flavor of moqueca. The jar recommends you substitute it for butter on popcorn, and I bet that would be great, too.

  9. flitcraft

    Polar Guava Paste–99 cents for 14 ounces, and it will grace our cheese platters this holiday season.

    Bauducco Panettone and Pandoro–back just in time for the holidays. This time there are two different panettones (panettoni??) –one with the classic raisins and candied orange peel and one with chocolate chips. Panettone makes the world’s most decadent French toast, so that’s what we’ll be doing on Christmas morning! Pandoro is equally delicious, but I prefer it with just a tiny bit of extra powdered sugar and a double espresso. These both keep for months, so I will stock up with a couple extra for fancy brunches later in the year.

    Finally, the Lake City GO has live Venus Flytraps for 2.99. Way to put the ‘other’ in ‘other bargains, right??

    1. BargainWhine Post author

      That’s pretty funny, flitcraft. We’ve been enjoying the Polar guava paste straight, and I’m still trying to figure out what to make or really do with it. The only idea I had so far was maybe to make it into a syrup that could be put into or onto sugar cookies, but on a cheese plate instead of quince paste is intriguing. I got the pannetoni (? as you say) last season to make french toast for the boys, but they wound up disliking the dried fruit inclusions, so no more this season probably. And, finally, I did indeed bring home a Venus Flytrap ($4 here) recently and left it in our kitchen to feast on fruit flies.

      1. Flitcraft

        Have you seen the panettone there in CA with the chocolate chips in lieu of the raisins and citrus? I am thinking my four year old granddaughter might approve…

        1. BargainWhine Post author

          I don’t recall seeing that, but I haven’t looked closely this year. I have trouble imagining they would disapprove of chocolate in french toast, but their reactions can be hard to predict. 🙂

  10. seedboy

    If any of you sees Scandinavian Cider in .750 bottles snag some. It is pretty dry with good clean apple flavor and a nice fine bead. At $1.89 it is a real bargain. Also my kids are really enjoying grass fed whole milk organic yogurt.

  11. JoelA

    Pampa gnocchi is back in stock. Only $ 0.99 per 12-ounce package. Naturally, with all the added ingredients for shelf stability it doesn’t taste as good as what you get in a restaurant, but it’s not at all bad, and with some good sauce, reasonably tasty. And it’s kosher, to boot.

  12. flitcraft

    Or in this case, anti-bargains. Humboldt Creamery Organic Ice Cream, 2.99 for a large container (a quart I think, but we chucked it so I can’t check.) I’ve seen vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chip, and coffee. This seems like it could be a premium product–nice label with classy logo, basic kinds of flavors (anti-rare-flavor-chic), and the mint chip isn’t electric green but honest white. So, I took a chance on the organic chocolate. Spun the wheel of frozen delights and lost, though. The good news? It’s really dark and does taste like chocolate. That’s it for good news. It’s not as dense as good ice cream, and frankly, had a little gumminess going on. Not at all a premium product, just an average supermarket ice cream masquerading as something better. You’ve been warned…

  13. flitcraft

    Guittard Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, 46% cacao; 12 oz. for 2.49

    If you missed the Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips, or even if you didn’t, these are well worth your consideration.

  14. flitcraft

    Castillo Pinar reduced balsamic vinegar in 5+ ounce squeeze bottles, flavored with thyme, lemon, orange, and mixed citrus. I tried the lemon version, and it’s tasty and convenient to dot onto food. Yes, you could reduce your own balsamic with a bit of citrus rind, but will you? I won’t…


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