Homestead 1897 “2013 Cuvee” white

Napa Valley, CA; 14.2% ABV
“Homestead 1897” is apparently a project of Pope Valley Winery
$5 at the Richmond, CA, store on 17 Oct

Homestead1897_2013_NapaValleyCuveeI seem to recall there was a Cabernet from this label not too long ago that I tasted and thought was reasonable, although I never got a bottle.  So I had some hope this white blend might be good, but I was disappointed.

It tastes like a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, which I think are the main two white grapes grown in Napa Valley.  Pretty much right away, although especially warmed some from fridge temp, the wine showed ripe fruit (but not over-ripe) of melon (green, yellow, and white), yellow apple, lemon / lime, balanced with acid of lemon / lime and white melon, with some vanilla, and a sort of rough finish.  I wanted to like it, but the flavors were never integrated and delineated, and the rough finish never went away.  Each taste started out very promising, but by the end I found myself wondering if maybe it would be better with a little more air or a little warmer.

The next day, the fruit was a little more forward and the finish a little rougher, but otherwise much the same.  For me, this was on the lower end of Drinkable, and I think it’s overpriced at $5.


One thought on “Homestead 1897 “2013 Cuvee” white

  1. Expat

    I had their Cab and it was problematic. I was disappointed because I loved the Pope Valley Cabs (2008 and 2009) and bought about 6 bottles of those. Seems like the Homestead label is for the duds.


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